Why Laser Peen

Why Laser Peen?

There are many reasons to apply laser peening on a part.

  1. Tensile Stress: The surface of a manufactured part is mostly under tensile stresses as a result of manufacturing processes, such as machining, grinding, welding, etc… These tensile stresses allow for cracks and other damages to start easily and propagate because they work to pull the molecular structure apart. Parts, due to the easy development of cracks and other damages, wear out or fail prematurely. Many manufactured parts receive some type of peening application to mitigate these tensile stresses.
  2. Fatigue: All metals experience fatigue. Some super alloys stand up to fatigue better than others, aluminum always yields to fatigue, but even these are utilized in ways that conventional machining and processes cannot produce a part that lives up to the design expectations.
  3. Time: During normal use and operation, many parts are subjected to conditions that expose them to wear and degradation resulting in them being non-recoverable for maintenance or even failure.


Laser peening is an engineered process that uses beneficial residual stresses to provide strong, reliable products. Laser peening has been proven to increase service lifetimes of components to more than 10 times that of the as-manufactured condition, and that of parts treated with other conventional surface enhancement methods. Such significant improvement of the service life of parts results in many opportunities for cost saving:

  1. Reduced replacement parts costs
  2. Reduced maintenance costs
  3. Reduced material costs during design phase
  4. Reduced downtime costs.

Laser peening also offers a non-quantifiable competitive advantage for manufacturers due to the increase reputation for quality, design, manufacturing and part longevity. There are virtually limitless cost saving opportunities that can be realized with laser peening.

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