Laser Peening Metal Improvement Compared to Shot Peening – Free Live Webinar (UPDATED)

Tuesday, September 26th
1:00 PM EDT (10:00 AM PDT)
Session will last approximately one hour

Topics will include:

  • Overview of the laser peening process and comparison with shot peening applications
  • Comparing residual stress profiles of laser peened and shot peened components in different materials
  • Case studies outlining fatigue and performance characteristics of laser peened and shot peened components
  • Live Q&A session at the end

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Residual Stress Formation with Laser Peening: Webinar Highlight

Laser peening produces deep compressive residual stresses that extend component service lifetimes and improve performance. The key to laser peening’s effectiveness is the generation of a powerful shockwave – but how does this process enhance the metal surface?

LSPT Senior Engineer Stan Bovid explains the mechanics in this excerpt from a recent live webinar. Click here to sign up for our next live training event, or contact us to arrange a private presentation for your team.

Kissing Bond Detection – Live Webinar Highlight

Laser Bond Inspection Detects Critical Flaws in Bonded Structures

Kissing bonds present a serious defect in bonded structures. Kissing bonds occur when bonded surfaces are in intimate contact but possess no mechanical strength. This typically results from manufacturing faults surrounding surface and adhesive preparation, and these flaws can lead to premature failure. Kissing bonds are notoriously difficult to detect, and can’t be identified through most nondestructive inspection methods.

LSPT’s Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) technology is the only known nondestructive method for evaluating bond strength and detecting kissing bonds. LBI performs real-time detection using a laser-generated stress wave and an EMAT or VISAR signal. This live webinar highlight explains how LBI is used in conjunction with VISAR to detect kissing bonds.

Contact LSPT to learn more about Laser Bond Inspection technology.

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The Mechanics of Laser Peening for Fatigue Enhancement – Webinar

Illustration of the laser peening process including laser beam, process overlays, plasma burst, and shockwave propagation into componentWednesday, August 2nd, 1:00 PM EDT – Click Here to Register.

  • What are the underlying mechanics of the laser peening process?
  • How do materials respond to laser-induced stress waves?
  • How do compressive residual stresses enhance metal fatigue resistance?

Join us Wednesday, August 2nd at 1 PM EDT for a free LSPT webinar about the mechanics of laser peening.

Presented by:
Stan Bovid, P.E.
Sr. Engineer – Materials & Structures.

Sign up using the form on our Webinars page, or Click Here to register by email.

The event will last about one hour, with time for questions at the end. We hope to see you there!

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