Presentation Videos

LSP Virtual Conference

New Frontiers – LSP of Ceramics

New Frontiers – Additively Manufactured Co-Co-Mo Alloy

New Frontiers – Laser Peening for Additive Manufacturing

Modeling – Shockwave Propagation

Modeling – Microstructure Modeling During LSP

Modeling and Simulation of LSP Processes – Overview and Application

Retarding Fatigue Crack Growth – Arif Malik

New Frontiers for Industrial Laser Shock Processing in South Africa

Novel Applications of Laser Shock Peening 

LSP of Friction Stir Welds

LSP of 304 Stainless Steel Surfaces

Retarding Fatigue Crack Growth – Sören Keller

Laser Peen Forming – Straightening

Modeling – Predictive Behavior Models

Effect of Laser Shock Peening on metallurgical and mechanical properties of various steel components

Space Industry Applications of Laser Peening

LSP of AA2195-T6 Friction Stir Welded Joints

Process Modeling of Laser Peening to Improve Its Performance in Industrial Applications

The Effect of Laser Peening and Alumite Treated on Fatigue Properties of A7075 Alloys

Implementation of Laser Peening at Nuclear Power Plants and Outdoor Infrastructure.

Industrial Laser Peening Applications – The Path to Production

Laser Peening A7075-T6 Alloys

History and Future of Residual Stress for Aircraft Turbine Engines

Laser Peen Forming – Overview and Examples

Laser Peening of Nuclear Reactors

Maritime Industry Technology Transition Campaign

General Material Benefits – Material Property Enhancement by Laser Peening

First Applications in the 1990s and Expansion Beyond Job Shop Operations

An In-depth History of Laser Shock Peening (the First Forty Years)