The world’s first commercial laser peening system

LSP Technologies, Inc. has developed a high-powered turn-key system for high-volume production laser peening. The Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System is engineered for speed, reliability, and easy integration into manufacturing lines.  The compact, modular design enables the equipment to meet the requirements of any individual shop, delivering on-site laser peening to add value to critical components. 

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The Procudo® 200 LSP System consists of three modules:

  1. The optical enclosure, which includes the laser and beam diagnostics components,
  2. The power cabinet, which houses all of the power supplies and power distribution hardware, and
  3. The control cabinet, which includes the system controller, data acquisition and storage, and the environmental control system

Figure 1. Modular design enables easy integration

Figure 2. Self-contained laser system designed for easy operator control

Optical Specifications

The heart of the Procudo® 200 System is a 200 Watt diode pumped laser, which consists of a diode pumped single longitudinal mode (SLM) and single transverse mode (TEM00) oscillator coupled to optical amplifiers.  The gain medium used in this laser is YLF assembled into a MOPA configuration.  The output pulse energy is 10 Joules operating at a repetition rate of 20 Hz, which is an output of 200 W.  The pointing stability of the laser is ≈0.11 mrad over 8 hours.

The laser is assembled onto a 4’x6′ table as shown in Figure 3.  Relay imaging is utilized to allow the laser beam to optimally fill each laser rod, providing maximum energy extraction efficiency.  Vacuum tubes (that do not require a vacuum pump) are used to eliminate air breakdown during the imaging process.

Figure 3. Compact optical layout fits easily on a 4’x6′ optical table

Figure 4. Relay imaging maximizes energy output and creates a flattop spatial profile








Laser Characteristics

The oscillator output of the Procudo® 200 LSP System is Gaussian, as shown in Figure 5.  After the beam is relay imaged through the optical amplifiers, it becomes a flattop (at laser output) as shown in Figure 6. Energy variation across the flattop spatial profile is only 9.1% (this will produce uniform compressive residual stresses and improve the fatigue properties of processed parts).  A photo of the temporal beam at the output of the laser is shown in Figure 7.  Over a period of 8 hours, the pulse width had a stability of 0.07 ns rms with maximum variation of only 0.14 ns.  The natural pulse width of the laser oscillator is 22.6 ns.  However, the pulse width for optimizing laser peening can be selected between 8-16 ns by a pulse slicer that is installed after the oscillator.  Figure 8 shows the energy stability of the laser pulse over an 8 hour power stability test.


Figure 5. Photo showing Gaussian beam output of the PROCUDO® 200 SLM, TEM oscillator

Figure 6. The uniform spatial beam profile delivers smooth energy distribution for consistent processing



Figure 7. The temporal pulse width of the PROCUDO® 200 LSP System at the laser output is very stable

Figure 8. The power stability of the PROCUDO® 200 LSP System is only 0.28% RMS













Diode pumping has revolutionized the design of solid-state lasers by delivering unrivaled stability and consistency. This translates into uniform laser peen processing that is highly reliable and repeatable. The Procudo® 200 LSP System offers other unique advantages, including low power consumption, low heat generation, compact packaging, excellent laser beam quality, high pulse-to-pulse stability, high reliability and very high power.

The Procudo® Laser Peening System can be rapidly integrated into production lines and used with a variety of automated part handling robotics and CNC machines.  LSPT’s auto-control and diagnostics system enables complete user control over the laser peening process with real-time data analysis.

The Procudo® 200 LSP System is the fastest high-energy laser peening equipment available anywhere in the world. It is the only comprehensive laser system designed specifically for laser peening, and is the most powerful metal enhancement product on the market.

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