LSP Technologies Team

Dr. Jeff Dulaney

President and Chief Executive Officer
(614) 718-3000 x250

Eric Collet

Chief Operating Officer
(614) 718-3000 x299

Mark O'Loughlin

Vice President Technology and Innovation
(614) 718-3000 x256

David Lahrman

Vice President Business Development
(614) 718-3000 x244

Doug Eberhart

Director of Sales
(614) 718-3000 x418

Keith Glover

Engineering Manager
(614) 718-3000 x321

Cyndi McAlpine

Director of Operations
(614) 718-3000 x340

Dr. Allan Clauer

Chief Metallurgist
(614) 718-3000 x412

Dr. David Sokol

Director of Research
(614) 718-3000 x 414

Brian Brown

Quality Manager
(614) 718-3000 x323

Sherry Diamond

Sr. Accountant
(614) 718-3000 x230

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