Return on Investment

Laser Peening Cuts Costs & Boosts Revenue, Delivering Proven ROI

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  • Extended Component Lifetimes
  • Prevention of Costly Failures
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime
  • Reduced Material, Weight, and Production Costs
  • Life-Saving Safety Improvements

Extended Component Lifetimes

Laser Peening impedes crack initiation and growth, extending part lifetimes 3X or more compared to shot peening. Laser peened parts are more durable and robust, providing superior protection to fatigue cracking and failure.


Estimated cost of a 24% Declared Safe Cyclic Life reduction for Rolls Royce BR710 engine. Read More.


Estimated cost savings for extending service life of aluminum landing gear component for the T-38 Talon. Read More.


Life extension for laser peened steel pilger dies. Read More.

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Laser Peening – Return on Investment

  • How much would you save if your parts lasted 3x longer?
  • How hard do equipment failures hit your bottom line?
  • How much revenue do you lose to maintenance and downtime?
  • How much could you save by reducing material costs?

Laser Peening has saved companies millions. But Laser Peening is also the ultimate safety enhancement, protecting parts and people from dangerous component failures. Laser Peening adoption saves countless lives, and future applications have the potential to revolutionize industries.


Laser Peening - Return on Investment White Paper

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You’ll learn how prevention of costly failures saved a company $10-20 million, how laser peening makes for lighter and cheaper materials, the life-saving safety improvements of laser peening, and MUCH MORE!

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