LSP Technologies moving to 65,000 sf Dublin, Ohio plant

Larger facility to accommodate a growing workforce and larger customer components

Posted: November 2, 2018
By: mmahoney

New LSP Technologies headquarters and plant, 6161 Shamrock Ct., Dublin
The new LSP Technologies headquarters at 6161 Shamrock Ct., Dublin, will provide more room for expanding staff and larger customer parts.

LSP Technologies, Inc. (LSPT), the rapidly growing leader and innovator in laser peening services and equipment, has acquired a 65,000-square foot facility at 6161 Shamrock Ct., Dublin., Ohio. LSPT will continue serving customers during the transition from its current headquarters and plant at 6145 Scherers Place, Dublin, only 1.2 miles away.
“We are delighted to remain in Dublin, our home base since the company began 20 years ago,” said Jeff Dulaney, LSPT President and CEO. “We appreciate the continuing support of Dublin city officials, who made the decision to stay in Dublin an easy one.” LSPT plans to transition to the new facility in early 2019.”
The move represents a signifcant expansion for LSPT. The new facility will support a growing workforce and provide the ability to handle larger customer components onsite. LSPT employs more than 50 full-time staff, which is more than twice the company’s workforce from 2017, including more than 35 engineers, technicians, designers and technical support staff added since May.
Laser Peening, often called Laser Shock Peening, is a metal enhancement technology used to combat metal fatigue and extend the life of metal parts. Short laser pulses create a shock wave at the surface of the part, changing metal surfaces to counteract corrosion, cracking, and vibration stress.

The move represents a significant expansion for LSPT. The new facility will support a growing team and provide the ability to handle larger customer components onsite.

LSPT has provided laser peening for many mission-critical parts in aircraft manufacturing, power generation, automotive, and heavy equipment, including gears, drive shafts and turbine engine blades. Laser Peening extends metal part’s life up to 20 times, lowering costs and minimizing maintenance and downtime.
LSPT provides Laser Peening services onsite, and it also sells the Procudo® Laser Peening System for customer factory installations. The company has also developed Laser Bond Inspection technology, a non-destructive testing for adhesively bonded structures, and Laser Peen Forming, which uses precise Laser Peening patterns to shape – or straighten — curved metal surfaces.
LSP Technologies is the world’s premier laser peening services, technology, and equipment provider. It is the only company in the world selling, installing, and integrating state-of-the-art laser peening systems into manufacturing, maintenance, and research facilities. The company has been providing laser peening production services for clients in the aviation and power generation industries for over twenty years and has been awarded more than fifty patents for innovations in laser peening equipment and technology.

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