Laser Shock Peening 2021 Event

LSP Technologies host their first annual conference on Laser Shock Peening (LSP21)

Posted: April 8, 2021
By: Nick May

A Global Virtual Event – October 20-21, 2021

Laser Shock Peening 2021

First Call for Papers

Welcome to the first annual conference on Laser Shock Peening (LSP21), which has been established with the primary goal of proliferating Laser Shock Peening technology around the globe. The common thread that will run through this two-day event will be the use of LSP for industrial applications, which includes research and development activities.

This event will include global LSP leaders, LSP visionaries, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. For more details about registration and agenda, periodically visit the event’s webpage LSP21 Event.


We are now accepting abstracts that support the primary conference goal on the following topics:

  • Industrial laser peening applications – component specific applications and benefits
  • Laser peening system technologies – new equipment facilitating industrial laser peening
  • Laser peening methodologies – methods of laser peening to reduce process variation and increase throughput
  • Analytical models facilitating the rapid implementation of laser peening
  • Applied laser peening research with focus on near term applications

The purpose of this virtual event is to advance the use of laser shock peening for industrial applications, promote the developments of laser peening, and proliferate laser peening technology around the globe.

The application of engineered residual stresses is used every day in industrial applications. They have been primarily used to increase component durability and reliability by mitigating the effects of surface-initiated fatigue. Engineered residual stresses are also used to form components to specific shapes. Current applications of engineered residual stresses can be found in a wide range of products across all market sectors that fabricate metal component.

Event topics include applications of laser peening and the benefits to the component and the end user, to the tools and method to laser peen a component to achieve the desired results, and for the applied research activities in laser peening to significantly enhance the application and benefits of laser peening as an industrial application.

This event will be hosted virtually worldwide to facilitate and promote continued conversations in laser peening. Currently, abstracts are being accepted for consideration in the virtual event. Please send your abstracts to

This is a non-exhaustive list of topics. Other topics may be added, depending on the number submissions. This is only a two-day event, so please submit your topic and abstract as soon as possible because speaking times will be limited.

This event will be virtual within time blocks to accommodate worldwide attendance. Presentations must be in English.

Attendance is free for presenters.

You can email the organizer at to ask questions about this event.

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