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LSP Technologies is the only company in the world selling, installing, and integrating fully licensed laser peening equipment for metal fatigue improvement.

Posted: April 19, 2017
By: ehoffman

Metal improvement with laser peening is the world’s most powerful fatigue enhancement process. Laser peening strengthens critical parts where they need it most, and provides component service life extensions up to twenty times longer than shot peening.

Marble Guangdong University of Technology Sign with Chinese characters amidst green shrubs and purple flowers
Sign for the Guangdong University of Technology

As manufacturers around the world seek superior part performance and reliability, LSP Technologies delivers comprehensive laser peening systems designed for efficient integration and high-volume processing.
A team of LSPT engineers recently travelled to Guangzhou, China to install a Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System at the Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT).  The Guangdong facility represents the first laser system in China engineered exclusively for laser peening. The modular cell infrastructure was installed in early April through the efforts of a coordinated team of LSPT experts and GDUT partners.

Photos and highlights from peening facility installation at GDUT

LSPT Engineer Kyle Hochreiter played an integral role in coordinating the build team and overseeing the facility installation. Here he is going over the build plan prior to assembly at GDUT.
Seated LSPT engineer discussing laser peening facility build plan with Chinese students standing around him
The Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System is designed for easy assembly within modern production and research environments. All facility components are delivered to the installation site where modular processing and equipment cells are assembled from robust prefabricated materials.
red steel beams lying on the floor prior to constructionChinese students assembling facility cell wall from red beams and black panels
Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System cell modules can be customized to meet the space requirements and processing configuration of any production environment. Reinforced steel wall panels provide a rugged enclosure for safe processing, while integrated robotics and diagnostic control ensure precision part-handling and tailored process application.
Chinese assembling black panel walls for peening cell from outside perspectiveProcudo® 200 Laser Peening Facility front view with diagnostic and operations panel
The Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System is engineered for high-volume production environments, and offers quality control features to meet industry standards for aerospace, power generation, automotive and medical manufacturing. The concept graphic below represents one of many possible configurations of a Procudo® 200 Laser Peening Work Cell.  Facilities can be equipped with variable accessibility and part-handling features to accommodate robots, stages, conveyors and process monitoring tools.
Concept graphic of laser peening system cell with laser and robot, birds-eye view
Despite the sophisticated technology behind this powerful surface enhancement system, the user-oriented interface enables safe and efficient operation by anyone with introductory training. These students at the Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, China represent the next generation of laser peening technicians and engineers, and LSPT is proud to deliver a production-level metal improvement facility to their university campus.
Group of GDUT students and LSPT engineers standing in front of completed laser peening facility
With the supporting cell infrastructure now assembled onsite, members of the LSPT team will be taking additional trips to Guangzhou next month to deliver the diode-pumped laser at the heart of the Procudo® 200 System. Once the laser installation and integration are complete, students and faculty at Guangdong University of Technology will have access to the fastest and most powerful surface enhancement equipment in the world.
LSP Technologies' Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System laser red and black in small room
LSP Technologies is the only company in the world selling, installing, and integrating fully licensed laser peening equipment for metal fatigue improvement. Contact us today to learn more.

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