Benefits of Laser Peening – March 2019 Webinar

Laser Peening already prevents damage to metal components, leading to lighter, less expensive, high performance parts

Posted: March 27, 2019
By: mmahoney

Laser peening can counteract metal fatigue, cracking, corrosion, fretting, erosion, cavitation, and other surface damages. Not only does laser peening prevent costly failures, but it also extends component lifetimes. The long-term benefits of laser peening will be even more dramatic in the future.

With added metal fatigue strength, engineers and designers can opt for lighter and less expensive parts, increasing the return on investment for the technology. This brings a secondary advantage to laser peening.

Why add cost to a part? Instead of relying on more expensive alloys or complicated designs, laser peening can increase your return while providing you with much more flexibility and an improvement in performance. “We are improving the fatigue life of these parts by 2, 5, to 10 times – meaning rather than using 2, 5, to 10 parts – you are only using 1. That’s when you start understanding how much the cost of applying this process is minor compared to the savings you are receiving,” Dr. Micheal Kattoura, highlights.

Laser Peening Services - Procudo HMI and Roberto

That’s a key message of the March 2019 webinar presentation by Dr. Kattoura, a materials scientist with LSP Technologies, in this short excerpt from his webinar presentation. To view the PowerPoint presentation, please download the file below the video.

Download a PDF file of the March 2019 Webinar PowerPoint slides.  

For any questions you may have regarding the benefits experienced from laser peening, or the future ROI you can expect, please reach out to us via our contact form and we will provide further detail and examples.

Stay tuned for our next webinar presentation!

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