Laser Peening of Raptor Engine Components

Aerospace applications of laser peening include many gas turbine engine components, such as airfoils and integrally bladed rotors (IBRs) because of the enormous benefits of preventing fatigue failures and improving damage tolerance for these critical parts.


LaserPeen® Processing of Raptor IBRs Production at LSP Technologies, Inc.

Laser peening is a Production Process for the fan blades of GE Aviation’s F110 engine that powers the Falcon and Lancer.

– F110-GE-129 Engine (F-16 C/D Falcon)
– F110-GE-100 Engine (F-16 A/B Falcon)

– F101-GE-102 Engine (B-1B Lancer)

– Joint Strike Fighter

Production use of the laser peening on the fourth stage Integrally Bladed Rotor (IBR) for Pratt & Whitney’s F119-PW-100 engine, which powers the US Air Force’s F/A-22 Raptor, started at LSP Technologies in March 2003.  LaserPeen® processing increases the damage tolerance and enhances the fatigue performance of this IBR.


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