Production Laser Peening

Superior Metal Enhancement by LSP Technologies

Your parts are your business. Making them safer and more reliable is ours. LSP Technologies laser peens thousands of production parts each year, adding strength and value to the products your customers depend on.

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High-Volume Throughput

LSPT has the capacity to operate a 24/7/365 production line to meet your throughput demands. Our next-generation Laser Peening equipment improves processing speed as much as 40X, ensuring affordable high-volume production with a quick turnaround and on-time delivery.

Optimized Equipment

Our in-house production equipment integrates the latest innovations in pulsed laser technology to deliver controlled, consistent, high-quality processing.

Experience and Expertise

LSP Technologies invented Laser Peening. Our founders were among the first to patent the process, the first to develop production applications, and the first to offer high-volume production equipment. LSPT holds more than 50 patents for innovations in Laser Peening applications and processes, and our experienced staff of engineers, metallurgists and production technicians is unrivaled in the field.

Dedicated Production Processing

LSP Technologies operates one of the few dedicated Laser Peening production facilities in the world. We have the equipment, infrastructure, and personnel to extend your component lifetimes with our patented surface enhancement solution.

LSP Technologies Team

Commitment to Quality

We operate an AS9100/ISO9001 certified facility, meeting aerospace industry quality standards with our processes and equipment. LSPT is committed to the core values of continual improvement and customer satisfaction, and we make quality an integral part of the LSPT production process.

Industry-Leading Service

LSPT staff are service-oriented, partnering with OEMs to achieve your desired component improvement needs. We value communication, coordination, and transparency as we work together to develop and deliver the optimal process for your parts.

Comprehensive Component Enhancement

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by streamlining your material enhancement needs. Our experts guide you through the entire development and qualification process, from initial assessment to final validation. LSPT provides in-house finite element modeling, residual stress and fatigue testing, and post-process polishing and finishing.

Deliver superior parts to your customers. Contact LSPT about production laser peening.

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Production laser peening strengthens your critical parts for improved fatigue life and damage tolerance.

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