Pilger Dies – New Applications for Laser Peening

Exciting new applications continue to be found for LSP Technologies‘ LaserPeen® process! Pilger dies are used in the manufacture of high quality tubing for aerospace and nuclear applications. Pilgering is a cold forming process in which tubes are reduced in cross section by a combination of wall thinning and diameter reduction. Pilger die life is a major factor in the economics of the pilgering process.

Laser peening has been used to increase the life of pilger dies made of A2 tool steel by imparting compressive residual stresses to failure-prone areas of the dies.  Deep, high-magnitude compressive residual stresses were generated by LSP Technologies’ Laser Peening process, and the treated dies showed a significant increase in service life.

Click on the link below to download an article on laser peening of pilger dies.

Laser Peening of Pilger Dies

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