Customizing Laser Peening for Your Parts

Here’s how we work with you and your metal components

Every manufactured metal component is different, performing its functions under widely varying operating conditions. At LSP Technologies, we study the precise nature of threats to metal integrity. Then we design a program of laser peening with tightly designed parameters. The result: improved component reliability, endurance, and safety.

We’ve recently added two pages to the website to help customers know what to expect as we develop customized solutions for parts:

laser peening production facility with robot and laser peening system

  • Precise Laser Peening Parameters Protect Your Metal Parts
    The goal of laser peening is to produce deep residual compressive stresses from the surface of metals. To achieve the desired stress, we manipulate the laser beam’s energy level, spot size, and pulse width. We can also change the angle of attack on the beam, how frequently we deliver laser peening pulses, and how many layers of spots we apply to the part.

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Large cam shaft

  • The LSP Technologies Application Development Process
    We simplify the laser peening solutions process so customers know exactly what to expect. We walk through the steps from initial discussions about your parts through quote, modeling, and solution design. We’ll test to verify results. Ultimately, we’ll find the laser peening services or laser peening equipment solution that fits. We believe the LSP Technologies difference is our experience, engineering, flexibility, and focus on customer satisfaction.

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Laser peening prevents and arrests cracking, corrosion, and other types of metal failure. The deeper these stresses penetrate through laser peening, the better we can improve fatigue life and fatigue strength for metal parts.

Laser peening can typically create these beneficial stress patterns 1-2 mm deep from the surface, 10 times deeper than conventional treatments, such as shot peening.

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