Other Research Facilities

Other Research Facilities

LSP Technologies is honored to be in an elite group of collaborators, such as GE Aviation, Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing, and the U.S. Department of Energy, who are working with and supporting the Ohio Center for Laser Shock Processing for Advanced Materials and Devices at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering & Applied Science.  The Center’s primary missions are to:

  • Develop a balanced research and education infrastructure to serve both academia and industry, and
  • Foster proliferation of this technology to many products through R&D, entrepreneurial and commercialization activities
  • Advance research in critical areas and help develop and commercialize new products for the orthopedic/spinal implant industry in the short term.

“The Ohio Center for Laser Shock Processing for Advanced Materials and Devices  has researchers with  expertise in a wide variety of fields including surface enhancement, physical metallurgy, mechanical behavior of materials, corrosion and materials characterization.  The center is open for industry consortium for process and product development and prototyping activities.”  Visit the center's website for further information:  https://ceas.uc.edu/research/centers-labs/center-for-laser-shock-processing-for-advanced-materials-and-dev.html.

The center has two laser peening systems for experimentation of the processes ability to improve the fatigue life and fatigue strength of components to resist failures from high cycle fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, foreign object damage, erosion, corrosion, fretting fatigue, and creep.  Laser shock peening accomplishes this by (as described on the Center’s  website), “The volume affected by the shockwave is plastically deformed during its propagation to a depth beyond which the peak pressure pulse does not exceed the Hugoniot Elastic limit (HEL) of the material. The surrounding material in the sub-surface region is opposed to this lateral straining, resulting in a biaxial compressive stress near surface.”

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Did you know:

Laser peening produces deep, residual compressive stresses in the surfaces of metal parts, delivering increased fatigue life and damage tolerance.

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