New Procudo® LSP System Article is Here!

You are now able to read an article describing the new Procudo® 200 LSP System, that laser peens at a rate of 20 Hz, making it the fastest commercial laser peening equipment sold.  Jeff Dulaney, CEO, details the design and system advantages of the Procudo® System.

You can read the abstract below.  CLICK HERE for the entire article.

Watch our newest YouTube video showing the variation in repetition rates of the Procudo® 200 LSP System

LSP Technologies, Inc. has developed a new high-power, diode-pumped laser peening system for laser peening, which we have branded as Procudo® 200 LSP System.  The compact, self-contained LSP System makes laser peening more accessible to the production environment by making it easier for OEMs to integrate laser peening into their manufacturing lines.  The modular design of the Procudo® LSP System enables the equipment to be easily adapted to meet the requirements of any manufacturer’s shop.  With the Procudo® 200 LSP System, OEMs can now own and easily operate their own laser peeing facility at an affordable price.

The Procudo® 200 LSP System consists of three modules:

  1. the optical enclosure, which includes the laser and beam diagnostics components,
  2. the power cabinet, which houses all of the power supplies and power distribution hardware, and
  3. the control cabinet, which includes the system controller, the data acquisition and storage system, and the environmental control system
Figure 1. PROCUDO® Laser Peening System

Procudo® Laser Peening System

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