LSP Technologies transforms laser peening – cover story for Metal Finishing News

Head of Mechanical Engineering Gary Grossenbacher reviews a custom laser peening tool design with Mechanical Engineer Devin Hilty. LSP Technologies now develops specialized laser beam delivery tools for addressing large stationary components, complex geometries and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Head of Mechanical Engineering Gary Grossenbacher reviews a custom laser peening tool design with Mechanical Engineer Devin Hilty.

LSP Technologies shares the secrets of rapid growth in custom laser peening solutions

LSP Technologies Inc. has nearly tripled in size and sales due to a fundamental shift in its business strategy. In addition to its robust laser peening services business, LSPT now provides laser peening equipment and custom-engineered laser peening solutions. But perhaps the real secret to its success is a high-performance team culture.

Just three years ago, LSPT became the only company in the world to offer a turnkey laser peening system. Today, LSPT offers custom solutions that allow customers to deal with large stationary parts, hidden surfaces, complex geometries, and hazardous environments.

The proliferation of laser peening technology took a giant step forward in 2015 with the introduction of the Procudo® Laser Peening System, the world’s first and only commercial, high power, diode-pumped laser peening system. The first three Procudo® Laser Peening Systems were installed on three different continents: at LSP Technologies’ facility in Dublin Ohio, at Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, China, and at the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Hamburg, Germany (See MFN International, July 2018 cover story).

This year, a Chinese auto components manufacturer signed a joint venture agreement with LSP Technologies for the purpose of providing laser peening services in China utilizing Procudo® Laser Peening Systems. That joint venture, Shandong Maitelaisi Metal Surface Technology Co., Ltd. (MTLS), is now a reality. MTLS has a 100,000sqft facility, now in final stages of construction, which will open this fall in Weifang, China.

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Laser Peening Cell Now at ZAL in Hamburg

LSP Technologies and the laser peening cell at ZAL, including a robot in the research and technology cell.

Members of the ZAL Laser Peening System acceptance team (clockwise from top-left): Marco Pacchione, Dr. Dominico Furfari, and Dr. Claudio Delle Donne, Airbus; David F. Lahrman, LSP Technologies; Martin Eberle, Airbus; Dr. David Osman Busse, Dr. Robby Technow, and Thorsten Sharowsky, ZAL.

The installation of LSP Technology’s Procudo® Laser Peening System at the ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg, Germany, became the cover story for the July 2018 issue of Metal Finishing News (MFN). The magazine highlighted the many applications of Laser Peening ZAL hopes to explore for the aerospace industry, collaborating with Airbus Industries, Lufthansa and LSP Technologies. Here is MFN’s original version in PDF format.  

The aerospace industry has been driving innovation since the earliest days of flight. It takes a lot to defy gravity, to soar across oceans or eclipse the speed of sound. It takes research and foresight, confidence and cunning, a commitment to solving problems and anticipating risk. This mentality has defined aviation for generations, and some of humanity’s great advancements came from our quest to conquer the clouds.

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Production Laser Peening Extends Component Life Up To 20X

LSP Technologies Sales Director Doug Eberhart seated at his deskLSP Technologies is featured in the March 2018 issue of Metal Finishing News (MFN). The magazine interviewed LSPT Sales Director Doug Eberhart, getting his inside perspective on production laser peening for metal component enhancement. The article is reproduced below. You can read the original version here.

Doug Eberhart, Director of Sales at LSP Technologies has spent over 30 years directing B2B sales efforts around the world. With specialized experience delivering sophisticated instrumentation and software products, Mr. Eberhart has been engaged with the high-tech industrial and manufacturing sectors throughout his distinguished career. He joined LSP Technologies in 2016.

Thank you for this opportunity, Mr. Eberhart. Can you give us some background about yourself and your professional career?

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Optimizing Laser Peening for High-Repetition-Rate Applications

Laser shock peening (LSP) has revolutionized surface enhancement, achieving new benchmarks in metal fatigue resistance and failure prevention. The laser peening process uses high-energy pulses to produce powerful shockwaves on the surface of metal components. These mechanical shockwaves plastically deform the material, producing compressive residual stresses that reach depths previously unachievable with peening and rolling technologies.

As laser peening gained adoption with gas and steam turbine manufacturers, aerospace and power generation customers have saved millions of dollars by achieving longer service lifetimes, reduced component failures, decreased inspection requirements and reduced maintenance costs. These performance benefits validate laser peening as a cost-saving industrial application to prevent part failure caused by fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking, or foreign object damage. Continue reading

Laser Peening Advancing Aerospace Research in Germany

Laser peening metal enhancement system ZAL techcenter hamburgLSP Technologies is featured in the latest issue of Metal Finishing News, an international print magazine devoted to peening, blasting, mass finishing and metal cleaning techniques.

The article highlights new laser peening equipment and research at the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Germany. This international project is LSPT’s latest venture to expand laser peening knowledge and accessibility around the world.

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