Optimizing Laser Peening for High-Repetition-Rate Applications

Laser shock peening (LSP) has revolutionized surface enhancement, achieving new benchmarks in metal fatigue resistance and failure prevention. The laser peening process uses high-energy pulses to produce powerful shockwaves on the surface of metal components. These mechanical shockwaves plastically deform the material, producing compressive residual stresses that reach depths previously unachievable with peening and rolling technologies.

As laser peening gained adoption with gas and steam turbine manufacturers, aerospace and power generation customers have saved millions of dollars by achieving longer service lifetimes, reduced component failures, decreased inspection requirements and reduced maintenance costs. These performance benefits validate laser peening as a cost-saving industrial application to prevent part failure caused by fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking, or foreign object damage. Continue reading

Laser Peening Advancing Aerospace Research in Germany

Laser peening metal enhancement system ZAL techcenter hamburgLSP Technologies is featured in the latest issue of Metal Finishing News, an international print magazine devoted to peening, blasting, mass finishing and metal cleaning techniques.

The article highlights new laser peening equipment and research at the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Germany. This international project is LSPT’s latest venture to expand laser peening knowledge and accessibility around the world.

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Laser Peening Precision Metal Forming Cover Story

Logo for Industrial Heating, red and black block lettersLSP Technologies is featured in the current issue of Industrial Heating, a monthly technical journal covering thermal technologies and other high-energy industrial applications. The November 2017 Cover Feature is titled, “Laser Peening Metal Enhancement Critical for Component Lifetime“.

B-1 Bomber on the tarmac with clouds behind

The article covers LSP Technologies’ powerful Laser Peening metal fatigue enhancement method, and unveils current efforts to transition the technology into the maritime industry as a precision forming application.

From the article:

The Navy and NSRP shipyards and maintenance facilities are gaining interest in this successful transition of laser peening into their field. They anticipate return on investment (ROI) similar to what has been realized over the last decade in aerospace as a result of the decrease in total life-cycle cost and improved design quality.

LSP Technologies is excited to be featured as a cover story and confident about the future of Laser Peen Forming as a cost-saving shipbuilding application. Click here to read the full article.

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Where Does Laser Peening Fit in the Metal Finishing Process?

David Lahrman is a certified trainer for Metal Finishing News International (MFN). David provides insights and instruction on metal finishing for this worldwide network, and he wrote a feature article for the July 2017 issue of MFN Magazine.

MFN International – July Issue – 2017

Laser shock peening is a powerful, targeted method for enhancing metal fatigue strength using high-energy laser pulses. Like shot peening, laser peening imparts beneficial compressive residual stresses in the surface of a component to impede crack initiation and propagation. Unlike shot peening, laser peening is only applied to fatigue-critical areas to provide enhanced resistance where parts are most susceptible to failure. Laser peening is commonly applied along the edges of compressor turbine airfoils to protect against foreign object damage and erosion, or applied along the dovetail root to prevent fretting fatigue, stress corrosion cracking and fracture.

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Laser Peening Enhances Fatigue Life – ILS Editorial

LSP Technologies is featured in the May/June issue of Industrial Laser Solutions magazine. This feature length article from LSPT founder Jeff Dulaney highlights the origins of laser peening, the basics of the process, and the next generation of diode-pumped Procudo® Laser Peening Systems.

Screenshot of laser peening article in industrial laser solutions magazine, two-page spreadLaser Peening Enhances Fatigue Life

New diode-pumped system brings laser peening to the factory floor

Material enhancement has long been at the leading edge of technological innovation. Powerful machines require robust components, but material limitations present a critical obstacle to performance optimization. Laser shock peening (LSP) resides at the forefront of material enhancement, employing high-energy lasers to generate deep compressive residual surface stresses for proven metal fatigue resistance. Laser peening has been implemented by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the aviation and power generation industries to enhance their products’ resistance to cracking caused by fretting, corrosion, foreign object damage, and fatigue. Now, after nearly fifty years of technological advancement, the first line of turn-key industrial laser peening systems is integrating the technology into manufacturing facilities around the world.

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