LSP Technologies Team Enjoying Significant Growth

Since its inception in 1995, LSP Technologies has been positioned at the forefront of innovation in the surface enhancement industry. Founded by Dr. Jeff L. Dulaney, a former Battelle scientist who serves as the company’s President and CEO, LSPT has grown steadily over twenty years to become a premiere provider of laser peening services, technology, and equipment.  The company’s founding emphasis was on commercializing the materials-processing technology generally known as laser peening. Through collaboration with customers in the aviation and power generation industries – along with public and privately-funded research and development initiatives – LSPT has delivered cutting-edge fatigue improvement solutions to extend the reliability and service life of metal parts.

LSP Technologies Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System

LSP Technologies Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System


After twenty years of innovation developing laser systems and refining fatigue enhancement solutions, LSPT is now selling integrated Procudo® Laser Peening Systems – the only commercially available system designed specifically for laser peening. This is expanding the market for laser peening production services as OEMs increasingly adopt laser peening to address stress corrosion cracking and high cycle fatigue.  In response to these expanding opportunities, LSPT has initiated organizational growth to evolve alongside a rapidly accelerating market.

Eric Collet joined LSPT as Chief Operating Officer in May 2016, and immediately seized on the company’s growth potential by leading an initiative to expand LSPT’s staff. “Our first priority was to strengthen LSPT’s Operations Management infrastructure to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction in our production processing and equipment builds,” explains Eric. “Now we are adding to our Business Development and Engineering teams, while carefully identifying new roles to support the increased level of activity.”

Cyndi McAlpine joined the team as Director of Operations, focusing on identifying improvement opportunities across LSPT’s production processing, equipment build projects, and program management. Cyndi then recruited Project Managers Chris Vann and Gary Walzer to facilitate LSPT’s technology development and deliverables.

The next step was expansion of the Sales and Marketing team to communicate value potential with new and existing clients. “We have so many exciting opportunities right now to expand our commercial partnerships,” explains LSPT’s Vice President of Business Development David Lahrman.  “We brought in Doug Eberhart as a dedicated Sales Director to foster new business opportunities, and we hired Eric Hoffman as a Technical Writer to refine our message and tell the LSPT story.”

With a focus on continual improvement and customer satisfaction, LSPT expanded their technical expertise by recruiting Mechanical Engineer Kyle Hochreiter, and Automation Engineer Stephen Himes. Kyle and Stephen have each brought new ideas to improve the efficiency and performance of LSPT’s advanced laser system equipment, while contributing fresh perspectives on how to maximize the company’s commitment to engineering innovation.

This expansion is an outcome of LSP Technologies’ continued success as the premiere laser peening surface enhancement solutions provider, as well as an indicator of the ongoing growth opportunities in the metal fatigue improvement industry.

“LSP Technologies is in a unique position right now,” explains Dr. Dulaney. “We have worked hard to establish ourselves as the world’s premiere provider of laser peening services and equipment, and we’re committed to strengthening that position as the market continues to grow.  This influx of talent and energy will help us sustain our momentum as leading innovators in the surface enhancement industry, while reinforcing the values that have driven us forward throughout the last twenty years.”

LSP Technologies is the world’s premiere laser peening services, technology, and equipment provider. Contact us to learn more.


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