LSP Technologies grows quickly, looks for larger facilities

Employees who joined LSP Technologies in the last two years now have input into key new initiatives.

Dublin, Ohio – August 16, 2018 – LSP Technologies, Inc. (LSPT), the leader in laser peening systems to enhance metal fatigue life, has added more than 27 engineering and technical support employees over the last two years, doubling in size and spurring the company to seek larger facilities in Central Ohio.

The new staff include optical, mechanical, and materials science engineers, as well as product design and technical project managers with experience in nuclear and fossil power generation, heavy equipment and aviation technologies.

“New projects are challenging us to accommodate large components in-house, as well as the larger staff we need to support the work,” said Eric Collet, LSPT Chief Operating Officer. LSPT will relocate to facilities at least twice its current size, he said.

New customers, new portable laser peening solutions, and new equipment builds for locations in China and Europe have all contributed to the growth of LSPT’s staff.

“Even with all of the growth, we are working hard to maintain our close-knit and collaborative atmosphere, and that requires constant attention as we scale. Our flexibility has allowed us to adapt our technologies quickly to meet customer needs,” he said. “Manufacturers in transportation, aviation, and power generation choose us because they share our vision of making the world a safer place.”

Rapid growth at LSPT followed the introduction of the Procudo® Laser Peening System, which remains the only commercially available system for in-plant laser peening. Procudo® Laser Peening Systems are now installed in the United States, China and Germany.

Laser peening – introducing a laser-based shock wave to the surface of metals to create a residual stress – can provide 10-20x improvement in metal fatigue life. LSPT works closely with customer designs via finite element analysis (FEA) modeling to provide precisely targeted laser peening, which prevents or slows down fatigue crack propagation and helps metal parts resist foreign object damage (FOD).

LSP Technologies’ patented laser peening process out-performs untreated metal alloys and conventional metal treatments like shot peening in a wide variety of applications, including jet engine and power generation turbine blades, heavy duty crankshafts, and other metal components that provide mission-critical service at high speeds or high temperatures.

LSP Technologies is the world’s premier laser peening services, technology, and equipment provider. It is the only company in the world selling, installing, and integrating state-of-the-art laser peening systems into manufacturing, maintenance, and research facilities. The company has been providing laser peening production services for clients in the aviation and power generation industries for more than twenty years and has been awarded more than fifty patents for innovations in laser peening equipment and technology.

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