LSP Technologies Licenses General Electric’s Laser Peening Patent Portfolio

LSP Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it recently entered into a patent cross-license agreement with GE.  As a result of the cross-license, LSPT became the sole production-based licensee of GE’s entire laser peening patent portfolio, which includes more than 50 U.S. and foreign issued patents and numerous pending patent applications.  LSPT also became the sole production-based licensee of the coveted “GEN 4” laser peening technology, a relatively low power, high throughput laser peening technology that will revolutionize the laser peening industry.

LSPT’s laser peening customers can breathe easier knowing that LSPT is contractually permitted to process parts using GE’s extensive laser peening patent portfolio.  This exciting new development will allow LSPT to continue to be the premier provider of high quality, efficient, and value driven laser peening production services for many years to come.

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