Laser Bond Inspection

The Future of Nondestructive Inspection

LSP Technologies has developed a nondestructive method for evaluating adhesive bond strength in composite structures. Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) uses a pulsed laser system to generate a controlled stress wave on the surface of a bonded component. The stress wave can be tailored to a specific strength magnitude, proof-testing the bond at a pre-determined safety threshold. LBI can detect weak bonds, kissing bonds, and a variety of other manufacturing defects without doing any harm to a properly bonded structure.

Laser Bond Inspection is the only known method for proof-testing localized bond strength and detecting kissing bonds.

LSP Technologies is committed to maturing LBI technology to facilitate the aerospace industry transition to bonded composite airframe manufacturing. We provide research and performance evaluation services for government, industry, and academic organizations. To learn more about our nondestructive inspection services or to request a free quote, use our Contact Us page to get in touch with our engineering and sales staff today.

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