Laser Bond Inspection Services

LBI Production Services

Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) is a non-destructive method for evaluating adhesive bond strength using a laser-generated stress wave. The technology ensures bonded structures meet minimum strength requirements, and identifies deficiencies that cannot be detected via other nondestructive inspection methods.

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LSPT Production Capabilities

  • AS9100 registered quality system
  • In-house Laser Bond Inspection equipment
  • Trained production staff
  • Detect weak or kissing bonds in structures
  • Detect flaws in structures otherwise masked
  • EMAT and UT equipment for post-inspection evaluations
  • C-Scan capabilities

The Future of Nondestructive Testing for Adhesive Bonds

Laser Bond Inspection is an emerging technology that meets the non-destructive demands of high performance bonded structures. We are continually refining our LBI process and equipment in collaboration with major aerospace manufacturers.

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