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LBI Production Services

Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) is a nondestructive method for evaluating adhesive bond strength using a laser-generated stress wave. LBI ensures bonded structures meet minimum strength requirements, and identifies deficiencies that cannot be detected via other nondestructive inspection methods.

LSP Technologies performs NDT Laser Bond Inspection services at our Dublin, Ohio facility. We are available to inspect the bond characteristics of your composite panel or structure.

LSPT Services

  • Detect weak or substandard bonds in composite structures
  • Detect bondline contamination
  • Detect variations in adhesive mixture or surface preparation
  • Detect kissing bonds
  • Detect other structural flaws that may be otherwise masked
  • Evaluate scarf repairs
  • Inspect Pi joints
  • Evaluate coating adhesion

LSPT Capabilities

  • In-house Laser Bond Inspection equipment with integrated robotics
  • Trained operators and service staff
  • Ultrasonic examination and EMAT equipment for post-inspection evaluations
  • AS9100 certified quality system
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The Future of Nondestructive Testing for Adhesive Bonds

Laser Bond Inspection is an emerging technology that meets the non-destructive demands of high performance bonded structures. We are continually refining our LBI process and equipment in collaboration with major aerospace manufacturers.

LBI Applications

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