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We Laser Peen thousands of customer components every year, meeting stringent standards of quality and engineering.

We use state-of-the-art Laser Peening technology, sophisticated modeling, and the expertise of in-house materials scientists.

We deliver unmatched metal surface improvement with a nimble organization designed to yield rapid turnaround for our customers.

  • 10x

    Extend service life
    up to 10 times

  • Resist
    metal fatigue

  • Improve
    damage tolerance

  • Enhance
    corrosion resistance

  • Prevent and arrest cracking

  • Reduce maintenance
    and downtime

Choose LSP Technologies for Laser Peening Production Services

Laser peening provides deep, precise protection – far more effective and precise than shot peening and most other conventional metal surface improvement processes.

  • 24/7 Processing Capabilities
  • Experienced Production and Engineering Staff
  • Robotically Automated Part Positioning
  • Complete Modeling and Treatment Data
  • In-House Materials Testing and Verification
  • AS9100 & ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
  • More than 50 Laser Peening Patents
  • Deep Library of Processes, Alloys, and Shapes

Your Parts are the heart of your business.

Making them safer and more reliable is ours.

Learn how companies like yours are improving the reliability of metal parts through Laser Peening from LSP Technologies.


How Does Laser Peening Work?

Laser peening is a mechanical surface enhancement process, not a heat treatment. We use a high-energy pulsed laser beam to generate shock waves that propagate through the target material and produce compressive residual stresses.

The shockwave mechanics induce a gradient cold work in the near surface region of the metal that lead to creation of compressive stresses that improves the durability and performance of metal parts.

The laser peening process involves these elements to produce material benefits:

  • a laser beam delivery system, in this case, the Procudo® Laser Peening System,
  • an opaque overlay, or sacrificial layer, to protect some metal surfaces. In many cases we do not need an opaque overlay to produce the benefits of laser peening for the material.
  • and a confining media, in this case, water.

Application Development at LSP Technologies

Laser Peening enhances safety and reliability of your components


We begin by understanding your parts, their purpose, and operating conditions.

We use our extensive experience and library of past applications to show how laser peening can meet your requirements. If needed, we employ computer modeling to simulate issues your parts may experience.

In the end, we will demonstrate how laser peening can extend the operating life of your part by 3-10 times.

1. We Estimate Application Development Costs

After we understand more about your part, we provide a quote for developing your application and demonstrating laser peening benefits.

2. We Use Experience and Modeling

We use modeling — as well as our deep library of common alloys and shapes — to assess your needs and what laser peening can do for you.

3. We Design Your Laser Peening Solution

Based on modeling and experience, we prescribe a specific laser peening solution to meet your requirements.

4. Sample testing

We verify results in our in-house Materials Science Center of Excellence or work with your testing laboratory to verify laser peening benefits.

5. Production Planning

Together, we develop an ongoing production plan, a clear set of quality standards, and a production budget to fit your needs.

How can laser peening work for you?

View an industry case study and explore the possibilities for metal improvement.

LSP Technologies Recognized for Growth and Leadership

LSP Technologies, the global leader in laser peening technology, services, and equipment, has grown rapidly over the last several years. The company introduced the first commercial laser peening equipment, the Procudo®Laser Peening System, in 2015. Three years later, customer demand for the system - and for custom laser peening solutions - had accelerated both growth and employment. Recognition of LSP Technologies, its achievements, and its founder, Jeff Dulaney, soon followed.

New to Laser Peening?

Find out how Laser Peening can save you time, money, and downtime, adding reliability and safety through precise protection for metal surfaces.

Want to find out more?

Every customer, and every part is different, so we focus on enhancing the safety and reliability of your components.

We begin by understanding your parts, their purpose, and operating conditions.

Then we use computer modeling, as well as our extensive library of industry applications to show how laser peening can meet your needs.

Let us show you how laser peening can extend the operating life of your part by 3-10 times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Laser peening enhances metal surfaces, delivering superior reliability and performance for metal parts. Laser peening improves fatigue life and damage tolerance by preventing cracks, corrosion, and other common types of metal failure.

  • Laser peening uses a high-energy pulsed laser to generate a high-amplitude stress wave at the surface of a part. The stress wave induces compressive residual stresses in the component to prevent many symptoms of metal fatigue.

  • Depending on your application, several aspects of laser peening could influence that comparison.

    • Residual stress is 10-20x deeper than shot peening, reaching as deep as 12mm.
    • Precision targeting laser peening only to critical, fatigue-prone areas.
    • Process control to integrate laser peening with your production line.
    • Precision FEA modeling to diagnose part issues and cure them precisely.
    • Cold process – not a heat treatment.
    • Stability at high temperatures.
    • Complex geometries and hard-to-reach parts are where laser peening shines.
  • Laser peening provides superior fatigue enhancement, achieving compressive residual stresses at greater depths than anything shot peening can do. Laser peening has been proven to extend component service lifetimes up to TEN TIMES longer than parts that had previously only been shot peened. Laser peening generates a stronger shock wave at the part surface, and the benefits of laser peening remain stable at higher temperatures. Laser peening is a more targeted and controlled process than shot peening. Whereas shot peening may be applied over the entire surface of a part, laser peening is only applied to critical, fatigue-prone areas.

  • Laser peening prevents component failures that can compromise equipment, operations, and safety. The expense of laser peening is usually offset many times over by service life extensions, reduced maintenance and inspection costs, and improved part performance. By incorporating laser peening into new part designs, it is possible to reach higher efficiencies, reduce weight, and mitigate stress concentrations, all of which can save significant costs over the life of the part.