Laser Peening Solutions

Advanced Laser Engineering Solutions for Metal Surfaces

We’re leaders in laser peening – the advanced technology to prevent corrosion and cracking – operating either at our Ohio facilities or yours, wherever you are around the globe.

We offer patented laser-based solutions to measure the strength of composite bonding. And we can direct powerful lasers precisely to form complex metal shapes and contours.

Improve Performance and Reliability

LSPT offers state-of-the-art laser peening solutions to increase your component performance and reliability. We understand that new designs become more expensive, so extending the service lifetime of critical parts brings an undeniable value to your process. This technology comes with the engineering and technical assistance to ensure your applications or equipment installations run smoothly and effectively every day.

  • Your parts, our shop. Leading to long-lasting benefits.

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    Engineering expertise to ensure your success

Quality is Key

LSP Technologies provides laser processing services and equipment that satisfy requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.  We align our quality management system with our strategic direction and the AS9100D standard, and we continually improve its effectiveness.

The SAE Standard AMS-2546, Laser Peening, covers the requirements for computer controlled laser peening of metal part surfaces to induce residual compressive stresses at and beneath the surface. This standard covers laser peening known as laser shock peening, and laser shot peening.

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As with any groundbreaking technology, laser peening and our other solutions require both engineering expertise and an uncompromising understanding of the real-world operating environment of your products.

Let’s have a preliminary conversation to help you identify the tools, skills, and processes from LSP Technologies that meet your requirements – from preventing metal fatigue to measuring composite bonds.

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