Return On Investment

Production Laser Peening cuts costs and boosts revenue, delivering proven ROI for you and your customers.

Extended Component Lifetimes

Laser Peening impedes crack initiation and growth, extending part lifetimes 3X or more compared to shot peening. Laser peened parts are more durable and robust, providing superior protection to fatigue cracking and failure.

  • $7,939,200 - Estimated cost of a 24% Declared Safe Cyclic Life reduction for Rolls Royce BR710 engine. Read More.
  • $3,000,000 - Estimated cost savings for extending service life of aluminum landing gear component for the T-38 Talon. Read More.
  • 300% - Life extension for laser peened steel pilger dies. Read More.

How much would you save if your parts lasted at least three times longer?

Prevention of Costly Failures

Laser Peening prevents critical component failures with superior resistance to metal cracking and fatigue. These catastrophic failures cause costly equipment and reputation damage, while creating an unsafe situation for operators and the public.

  • £56,000,000 - Cost of Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine failure occuring in 2010 on Qantas Airlines flight. Read More.
  • $10-20 Million - Benefit from preventing a compressor failure in GE 7FA and 9FA gas turbines, as estimated by the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI). Read More.

How hard do equipment failures hit your bottom line?

Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

Laser Peening protects parts deep beneath the surface, providing superior failure resistance that saves operators from the costs associated with equipment shutdown and maintenance.

  • $100,000,000 - Estimated savings in inspection, maintenance, and repair costs by the U.S. Air Force from Laser Peening F101 engine blades. Read More.
  • Eliminate SCC - Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) states that Laser Peening, "successfully eliminate(s) the potential for future SCC initiation," in nuclear containment vessels, reducing, "costs for operation, maintenance, assessment, repair, and replacement". Read More.

How much revenue do you lose to maintenance and downtime?

Reduced Material, Weight, and Production Costs

Laser Peening improves the fatigue strength of ordinary metals, allowing engineers to develop more efficient products. Laser peened parts withstand greater loading stresses, reducing the need for excess material and opening the door for lighter/cheaper material substitutes.

  • 80% Weight Reduction - Laser Peened samples of 55C1 steel showed an 80% increase in fatigue strength, offering significant potential reduction in cross-sectional area in the stressed region. Read More.

How much could you save by reducing material costs?

Life-Saving Safety Improvement

Laser Peening is the ultimate safety enhancement, protecting parts and people from dangerous component failures. Laser Peening adoption saves countless lives, and future applications have the potential to revolutionize industries.

  • Laser Peening improves the hardness and fracture resistance of ceramic tiles, enhancing the ballistic strength of body armor and vehicle plating for soldiers and first responders in the field. Read More.
  • Laser Peening improves the fatigue strength of medical implants used in orthopedic applications and trauma surgery, ensuring patients recover quickly and enjoy long-term wellness. Read More.

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