ZAL, Airbus, and LSPT Bring Laser Peening to Europe

LSP Technologies is delivering its industry-leading surface treatment expertise and equipment to the heart of Germany’s aviation research network. Beginning in 2018, LSPT will offer high quality laser peening application development and material research using the company’s production model Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System in Hamburg, Germany. The equipment will be available to manufacturers seeking to engineer safer, more reliable turbine blades and aerospace structures with enhanced resistance to foreign object damage (FOD), fatigue, and stress corrosion cracking.

ZAL facility exterior daytime, Hamburg, Germany

ZAL facility, Hamburg, Germany, Copyright: ZAL / LHT

The world’s third Procudo® LSP Facility is being installed at the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung) within the Hamburg Aviation Cluster. The state-of-the-art ZAL TechCenter, opened in 2016, offers an innovative research space for collaborative development of emerging aerospace technologies including additive manufacturing, fuel cell technology, and vibro-acoustics engineering.

ZAL fuselage hangar

ZAL facility, Hamburg, Germany, Copyright: ZAL / Trilux

ZAL Acoustic Lab

ZAL facility, Hamburg, Germany, Copyright: ZAL / Lindner

Laser peening is a powerful metal improvement process that offers 10X fatigue enhancement over shot peening. It has solved unique problems of fatigue, fretting, foreign object damage, and erosion for Rolls Royce, General Electric, and Northrop Grumman on parts ranging from turbine engine blade dovetails to wing lugs and tail hooks. This next-generation technology fits naturally within ZAL’s open innovation environment, and by installing a Procudo® 200 System ZAL becomes host to the fastest and most advanced diode-pumped laser peening equipment in Europe.


Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System exterior and optical table

Laser Peening System and optical table

LSP Technologies and Airbus will have exclusive use of the Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System at ZAL, with each company developing applications to address metal fatigue enhancement, damage tolerance improvement, laser peen forming, and other laser-material interactions.  LSPT is making the system available to manufacturers  looking to conduct laser peening research in Germany. Contact us today to arrange your laser peening development project at the ZAL Hamburg facility.

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The Procudo® 200 Laser Peening Facility at ZAL enables AS9100 quality advanced research into critical component enhancement to engineer safer, more reliable aircraft. Laser peening is currently being used by aerospace OEMs to enhance the fatigue life of turbine engine and structural components, as well as to form large wing sections for improved aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. The ZAL system represents the first opportunity for many European engineers and manufacturers to investigate laser peening on production-level equipment on the European continent.

Laser peening processing cell interior showing overlay application robot and laser delivery output

Inside the laser peening processing cell

From the ZAL website:

“With the purchase of an infrastructure for Laser Shock Peening, ZAL GmbH is undertaking its largest investment to date for research into new technologies… The reason for investing in the state-of-the-art LSP technology is the obvious advantages it presents over conventional surface treatments such as shot peening.  With shot peening, the component surface is blasted with, for example, steel pellets; the use of a laser to treat the surface, in contrast, allows for a precision never seen before.”

Combustion turbine engine, clean and shiny with four rows of silver blades

Laser peening enhances turbine engine components

Companies looking to improve the fatigue strength and performance capabilities of their parts should contact LSP Technologies regarding access to the Hamburg laser peening facility. LSPT has 20+ years providing proven solutions across a variety of industries, offering industry-leading expertise backed by dedicated customer service and support. Highly trained technicians will work alongside OEM researchers to develop custom applications addressing specific material performance issues.

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