Laser Peening Enhances Fatigue Life – ILS Editorial

LSP Technologies is featured in the May/June issue of Industrial Laser Solutions magazine. This feature length article from LSPT founder Jeff Dulaney highlights the origins of laser peening, the basics of the process, and the next generation of diode-pumped Procudo® Laser Peening Systems.

Screenshot of laser peening article in industrial laser solutions magazine, two-page spreadLaser Peening Enhances Fatigue Life

New diode-pumped system brings laser peening to the factory floor

Material enhancement has long been at the leading edge of technological innovation. Powerful machines require robust components, but material limitations present a critical obstacle to performance optimization. Laser shock peening (LSP) resides at the forefront of material enhancement, employing high-energy lasers to generate deep compressive residual surface stresses for proven metal fatigue resistance. Laser peening has been implemented by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the aviation and power generation industries to enhance their products’ resistance to cracking caused by fretting, corrosion, foreign object damage, and fatigue. Now, after nearly fifty years of technological advancement, the first line of turn-key industrial laser peening systems is integrating the technology into manufacturing facilities around the world.

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