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Laser peening extends the useful life of gas combustion turbine blades. And in the nuclear power industry, we bolster the reliability of welded parts. Top electric power industry experts endorse both solutions.

  • Resistance to PWSCC Fatigue

  • Fatigue Life

  • Controlled and Localized

  • Safety

  • Reliability of Welded Parts

  • Laser Peening for Hazardous Environments

Power Generation Applications

Laser Peening has become a widely adopted surface enhancement solution for critical component improvement in land-based gas and steam turbine generators. The process has also been adopted to treat weldments and containment vessels for nuclear power systems.

Gas Turbine Generators

LSP Technologies began laser peening fan blades for gas power generation 10 years ago. We have processed more than 40,000 blades for aerospace and power generation customers. Laser peening extends the lifespan of the blades by up to 10 times, helping the world’s electricity generators perform with higher confidence and reliability.

Nuclear Power

Welds in pressurized water reactors help contain high-pressure flows of water and steam. Electric Power Supply Research Institute (EPRI) has identified laser peening as one of the most promising technologies to prevent and mitigate damage from Pressurized Water Stress Corrosion Cracking (PWSCC) in nuclear components.


Laser peening can demonstrate material improvements in a variety of metals including: titanium alloys, steel alloys, stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, carburized and nitrided steels.

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Mission-Critical Performance and Reliability

Laser Peening has gained wide recognition as one of the most effective stress mitigation strategies for power generation components.

We can test and confirm key stress points in your system, model the microstructural effects, and develop metal fatigue mitigation strategies to add reliability and years of life to your generation components.

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  • Up to 10x Component Life Improvement
  • Powerful Resistance to PWSCC Fatigue
  • Precisely Controlled and Localized Process
  • Surface Enhancement in Hard-to-Reach and Hazardous Environments
  • Reaches a Depth 10x Deeper Than Other Surface Enhancement Technologies

Take a Look at Some Real-World Examples of the Impact of Laser Peening

How can laser peening make your power system components last longer?

Reliability is paramount in power generation equipment, and the weakest link can sink major systems.

Please tell us a little about your most challenging issues, and we’ll start working on laser peening solutions to match.

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Power Generation FAQs on Laser Peening

  • Yes, laser peening can be applied to fielded parts to extend their operational service life. Laser peening around existing cracks inhibits further propagation, and can return the fatigue tolerance of damaged parts to like-new condition.

  • Yes, laser peening can be combined with other processes like heat treating, anodizing, and isotropic coating. The key is identifying what point in the manufacturing process to apply laser peening to optimize the surface hardness and finish. Laser peening can even be combined with shot peening treatments to apply targeted enhancement to critical areas on a part.

  • LSPT was founded in 1995 as the world’s first commercial laser peening company. Owned and operated by some of the industry’s leading pioneers, LSPT built the first production laser peening systems in operation, and has been issued over 50 patents for innovations in laser peening equipment and technology. LSPT provides laser peening production services at its AS9100 certified facility, and is the only company in the world selling fully-integrated laser peening systems.

  • LSPT is growing rapidly to accommodate the increasing market demand for superior metal enhancement. We will soon have laser peening facilities on three continents, and we are constantly working on new innovations to improve and refine our process. Check out our recent press releases to stay up to date on the latest news.