Laser Peening For Aerospace

Metal Component Improvements For Mission-Critical Parts In the Sky

Our laser peening process protects critical aircraft components from damage, cracking, fatigue, and failure. We’ve demonstrated the ability to improve component performance, reduce cost, and cut down maintenance time for the aerospace industry.

  • FOD Resistance

  • Fatigue Life

  • Stress Corrosion

  • Improve Aging
    Aircraft Parts

  • Replace Forgings

  • Mobile Laser Peening Unit for Repair Depots

Aerospace Applications

Laser peening has been a crucial technology to improve the safety and reliability for a variety of aerospace components.

  • Engine Components
  • Turbine, Fan, and Compressor Blades
  • Bulkheads
  • Wing Attachments
  • Flight Control Mechanisms
  • Wheels
  • Brakes and Landing Gears
  • Welded Titanium and Aluminum Components
  • Fasteners and Fastener Holes
  • Welded Aging Parts

Read our one pager on Solutions for the Aerospace Industry for more information.

Engine Component
Compressor Blade
Wing Attachments
Landing Gear

Figure 1: Engine Component

Laser peening can demonstrate material improvements in a variety of metals including: titanium alloys, steel alloys, stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, carburized and nitrided steels.

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Advantages of Laser Peening in Aerospace

Why would you consider using laser peening? Because it’s being used today to improve the safety and reliability for components in an industry that is counted on everyday for commercial, residential, and government use. Laser peening provides a trusted solution unmatched by common technology.

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  • Up to 10x Component Life Improvement
  • Prevents Costly Failures
  • Precisely Controlled and Localized Process
  • Decreases Downtime
  • Enables the Design of Lighter Weight Components
  • Reaches a Depth 10x Deeper Than Other Surface Enhancement Technologies

Take a Look at Some Real-World Examples of the Impact of Laser Peening

Let’s Get Started

We guarantee that laser peening can provide protection against corrosion, cracking, and many other types of metal fatigue.

We begin by understanding your parts, their purpose, and operating conditions.

Then we use computer modeling, as well as our extensive library of industry applications to show how laser peening can meet your needs.

Let us show you how laser peening can extend the operating life of your part by 3-10 times.

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Aerospace FAQs on Laser Peening

  • Laser peening prevents component failures that can compromise equipment, operations, and safety. The expense of laser peening is usually offset many times over by service life extensions, reduced maintenance and inspection costs, and improved part performance.

    By incorporating laser peening into new designs, it is possible to reach higher efficiencies, reduce weight, and mitigate stress concentrations, all of which can save significant costs over the life of the part.

  • The benefits of laser peening depend on processing conditions, material, and part geometry. Thick sections can see a 100% increase in fatigue strength compared to parts that have only been shot peened, while enhancements in thin sections can be much higher. Across a variety of applications and case studies, fatigue life of laser peened parts (measured in number of cycles to failure) has proven to be orders of magnitude greater than untreated or shot peened parts.

  • Laser peening rarely requires complete surface processing. Parts are treated cost-effectively and efficiently by laser peening specific areas prone to cracking or failure.