Laser Peening Applications for the Maritime Industry

Laser Shock Peening (LSP) has protected high-value aerospace parts for more than twenty years. Now, the shipbuilding industry looks to laser peening to reduce maintenance on critical naval vessels.

LSP Technologies has partnered with Hepburn and Sons, LLC, a naval engineering consultancy headquartered in Manassas, Virginia. Together, LSPT and Hepburn and Sons are working with shipbuilders to develop laser peening applications for vessel construction and maintenance. Of particular interest is laser peening’s powerful impact on sensitization resistance and the ability to form compound curvatures.

LSP Technologies hosted an event in February highlighting successes from a recent development project with the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP). The event brought in attendees from various U.S. shipbuilders, the American Bureau of Shipping, and the U.S. Navy.

On the heels of a successful research program and showcase event, LSPT released a video outlining the maritime benefits of laser peening, and the ultimate goal of getting laser shock peening equipment into U.S. shipyards. You can watch the video below, or click here to view it on YouTube.

LSP Technologies continues to develop industry applications that deliver major cost savings for manufacturers around the world. For more information, contact LSPT and discover a superior surface enhancement solution.

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