Laser Peening Advancing Aerospace Research in Germany

Laser peening metal enhancement system ZAL techcenter hamburgLSP Technologies is featured in the latest issue of Metal Finishing News, an international print magazine devoted to peening, blasting, mass finishing and metal cleaning techniques.

The article highlights new laser peening equipment and research at the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Germany. This international project is LSPT’s latest venture to expand laser peening knowledge and accessibility around the world.

From the article:

Shot peening is regularly applied to metal components to produce a compressive surface layer, but the benefits rarely extend more than a few tenths of a millimeter deep. This may be sufficient for lower stakes applications, but many aerospace components require deeper enhancement to prevent critical failures during flight.


LSPT engineers will work alongside researchers from Airbus to explore the benefits and applications of laser peening metal surface enhancement. For many this will be the first opportunity to conduct high-energy laser peening research, and the goal is to develop field-ready applications for the aerospace industry and beyond.

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