A Valentine’s Day Poem About Metal Fatigue :)

Total Fatigue of the Heart

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Metal fatigue
Broke my heart into two.

Millions of cycles,
Decades of strain,
Fatigue cracks and failure
Are really a pain.

FOD and corrosion,
Fretting and creep,
I need a solution
That penetrates deep.

Shot peening failed me,
Burnishing too,
Such shallow compression
Just simply won’t do.

Silhouette of Cupid firing a red laser to trace a red heart

But then – inspiration,
A pulse to the chest,
A better approach
To residual stress.

High-powered lasers,
Plasma and shocks,
A metal solution
That totally rocks.

Laser shock peening,
Fighting fatigue,
Those other enhancements
Are out of their league.

Safer and stronger,
More durable parts,
Laser shock peening
Prevents broken hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day from LSP Technologies!

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