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Quality Control of Laser Peening

Like any engineered process, quality control is an important tool in ensuring the repeatability and accuracy of laser peening to our customers. At LSP Technologies this is done by real-time monitoring of laser beam parameters, optical recognition of processing, and computer controlled feedback systems. The data is also recorded for future records and verified prior to the completion of every project that comes through the doors. In addition to this data, checks and measurements of processed features on the parts are also commonly verified. Any discrepancies in the real time monitoring or recorded data are immediately flagged and follow-up actions are taken to correct any outliers.

Other techniques to verify the quality of the process can also be performed by mechanical testing, residual stress determinations, and metallographic inspection. LSP Technologies places an emphasis on producing consistent, reliable products for our customers and is committed to maintaining that quality.

Laser peening extends the service life of your critical parts. Contact us to learn more.

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