“The World’s First Commercial Laser Shock Peening System”

Figure 1. PROCUDO® Laser Peening System

“The World’s First Commercial Laser Shock Peening System: The Procudo® 200 LSP System”

  1. Join us on Tuesday, July 19th at 1 PM (EST), as Dr. Jeff Dulaney, President & CEO, showcases the Procudo® 200 LSP System, the first commercial laser peening system in the world. Participants will:

•  Get an introduction to the only commercial laser peening system in the world

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Welcome Eric Collet, COO of LSP Technologies, Inc.

eric collet bio LSP Technologies

We are excited to announce the hiring of Eric Collet as LSP Technologies’ first Chief Operating Officer. With the addition of a COO, Brad Dunnington’s tenure as Interim President has been transitioned back to Jeff Dulaney, who will be returning to the role of President and Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Collet comes to LSP Technologies after 25 years of leadership, management, and consulting roles in aerospace and other industries where he spearheaded rapid operating improvement and sustainable growth. His operational, sales, and aftermarket expertise will guide LSPT through rapid growth into laser peening equipment sales, while growing in-house laser peening production services. Continue reading

Safety Improvements in Aerospace

Laser peening improves fatigue properties, improves damage tolerance, cuts maintenance time and costs… and the list goes on.  In that long list, laser peening, most importantly, improves safety.  Lives are safer when planes don’t suffer midair failures from fatigue and cracking.

While we focus a lot on the engineering benefits of laser peening, we also celebrate the safety improvement results of laser peening.

We would like to celebrate the work of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and its work toward improving safety.

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New Procudo® LSP System Article is Here!

You are now able to read an article describing the new Procudo® 200 LSP System, that laser peens at a rate of 20 Hz, making it the fastest commercial laser peening equipment sold.  Jeff Dulaney, CEO, details the design and system advantages of the Procudo® System.

You can read the abstract below.  CLICK HERE for the entire article.

Watch our newest YouTube video showing the variation in repetition rates of the Procudo® 200 LSP System

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100+ Years of Aviation History

We all know the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina being the first to invent a flying machine controlled by pilot in 1903.  But what has happened since then in the world of aviation?

AviationWeek celebrates the last century of ground-breaking discoveries and events in a Centennial Timeline.  Let’s go back in time…

We start on July 17th, 1909 at the first ILA Berlin Air Show.  This air show was the first international conference where people came together and discussed their ideas about aviation technology…

Aviation History

To the first non-stop transatlantic flight in May 1919…

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MFN Magazine March Issues Released

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Catch LSPT in the latest March issues of Metal Finishing News (MFN) International and China.  In MFN International, read about the history of fatigue failure analysis written by David Lahrman.  It’s the cover story this month.  He talks about how fatigue analysis has evolved over the past century in “A Brief History of Fatigue Failure Analysis, Design Theory, and Remediation”.

You can also read an interview with Stan Bovid in MFN China about LSPT’s new Procudo® Laser Peening Systems.  Get to know Stan, Senior Metallurgist, as he highlights the benefits of the system and gives key details about what the system offers as well as laser peening as a service.  For the Chinese version, click here. Continue reading

CompositesWorld talks Laser Bond Inspection

CompositesWorld:  In January, David Lahrman, Vice President Business Development, highlighted Laser Bond Inspection at SME AeroDef in Long Beach, California.  Sara Black of CompositesWorld blogged about her experience at SME AeroDef including meeting our very own David Lahrman to discuss the evolving technology of LBI.  You can read the blog post here as it discusses the uses and technologies facing composites today.

She writes, “Still, if LBI could be combined with manufacturing and process controls for adhesive bonding such as those developed for the TRUST project…, we might get closer to bonded primary aerospace structure, without redundant fasteners.”

For more information about Laser Bond Inspection, click here.


Swiss F-5E Tiger II Fleet

The F-5E has been a part of the Swiss Air Force since 1982.

Last year, the Swiss Air Force retired a third of their F-5E fleet due to cracking. 16 of the 32 cracked.  10 were retired and 6 were repaired.  Even with the age of the aircraft, the Swiss Air Force expected a longer life.  During the development stages of this aircraft, the damage tolerance design suggested there was no life limitation.  With today’s current maintenance methods, the ease and availability of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) makes this aircraft last.

Laser peening prevents crack initiation and propagation.  The deep compressive residual stresses from laser peening result in lower crack growth rates, and retards crack propagation.  Some examples of cracking areas that laser peening is known to have benefited include:  engine blades, rivet holes, fuselages and more.

swiss f-5e

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