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Application Development at LSP Technologies

Every customer, and every part is different, so we focus on enhancing the safety and reliability of your components.

  • We begin by understanding your parts, their purpose, and operating conditions.
  • We use our extensive experience and library of past applications to show how laser peening can meet your requirements. 
  • If needed, we employ computer modeling to simulate issues your parts may experience.
  • We show how laser peening can extend the operating life of your part by 3-10 times.

1. We Develop Your App-Dev Quote

Once you contact us, we work to understand and assess your needs

  • We examine the characteristics of your part closely, tailoring our work to your part’s alloy, thickness, and shape.
  • We pinpoint failure issues like corrosion, cracking, fretting, foreign object damage, and HCF.
  • We determine critical fatigue locations and establish proper treatment pattern and depth, what we call patch area requirements.
  • We provide your quote, offering a part-specific solution that meets your requirements and budget.

Let’s get started!

2. We Use Experience and Modeling

We use modeling — as well as component libraries — to understand and assess your needs

  • We pinpoint component stresses that contribute to cracking, corrosion, and fatigue failure.
  • We apply our in-depth library of laser peening processes to your part’s alloy, thickness and shape.
  • We simulate part operations and hazards with finite element  modeling and analysis .

3. We Design Your Laser Peening Solution

Based on modeling and experience, we specify laser peening processes to meet your requirements 

  • We pinpoint precise surface areas for laser peening.
  • We adjust parameters of proper laser energy, pulse width, and beam size.
  • We prescribe a laser peening pattern to produce the life-extending benefits you require.

4. Sample testing

Tests and measurements to prove laser peening will meet your requirements. 

  1. We measure baseline fatigue life strength for the existing part. 
  2. We apply an engineered laser peening solution to a representative coupon part or selection of parts. 
  3. We examine the treated parts in our in-house materials testing lab, use an external lab, or your testing lab for verification. 
  4. We use laser peening depth and residual stress  patterns to estimate life extension – as much as 10 times the usual life of untreated parts. 

5. Production Planning

Together, we develop a production plan and set of  quality standards to guarantee performance results for your part.

  • We can provide laser peening services at the LSP Technologies plant in Dublin, Ohio.
  • Or, we can install a complete laser peening system at your facilities using our equipment.
  • Check out the Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System, the world’s only commercially available laser peening system — now installed on three continents.