Moving the beam, not just the part

Here’s an excerpt from the February 2019 LSP Technologies webinar

In 2018, LSP Technologies introduced the world’s first commercially available laser peening system. In 2019, customers are driving even more dramatic innovations.

In this excerpt from the February 6, 2019 webinar, Chief Operating Officer Eric Collet describes a transformational challenge to LSP Technologies: Moving the laser beam delivery system itself to meet customer needs.

Traditionally, LSP Technologies has delivered laser peening with a fixed beam onto parts moving with precision while attached to robotic arms.

The Procudo® Laser Peening System was a revolution in itself, the only commercially available laser peening system, ideal for manufacturing, metal surface job shops and maintenance operations.

But then customers realized the potential. “Ultimately we’re responding to increased customer demand to be able to process larger parts and get into more complicated geometries. As we listen to the customers, we’re really looking to build, in addition to the Procudo® Laser Peening System, some specialized laser peening solutions that are flexible, portable and reliable.”

“We’re really stretching ourselves, freeing ourselves from that restriction of moving the part in front of the fixed beam, and actually taking the laser peening process to the part through being able to manipulate the beam delivery system. In some cases we’re leveraging the Procudo® Laser Peening System as the laser source. In some cases the laser peening solution is completely different.”

The dramatic change is laser beam delivery has led to a vastly expanded LSP Technologies team in mechanical engineering, optical technology, design, and automation. Laser peening will be delivered via fiber optics, special articulated arms, and other systems.

How we develop solutions for metal parts

LSP Technologies focuses on customers, their parts, and the operational stresses that threaten the fatigue life of metal alloys, such as cracking, corrosion, or stress from pressurized water.

Large cam shaft
Large cam shafts can benefit from laser peening.

Our application development process puts our engineering team at your disposal. For a modest price, we examine your component, model how it might best react to laser peening, and prescribe a carefully designed solution.

How do we meet your deadlines and produce the results you require? We have more than 20 years of experience in producing laser peening solutions.

That means we have built an extensive library of metal alloys and the the kind of power, spot size, and other parameters in order to produce optimal results.

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