FEA modeling for precision laser peening

LSP Technologies uses modeling to improve fatigue life for mission-critical parts, saving time and money in application development

Performance valve spring and FEA

Laser Peening a performance valve spring creates a compressive residual stress (blue in this FEA simulation) on the exterior of the wire where the stresses are the highest.

LSP Technologies, Inc. provides laser peening services and equipment, protecting hard-working parts from threatening forces in real-world operating environments.

Using finite element analysis (FEA), we can pinpoint exactly how to use laser peening to prevent corrosion, cracking, foreign object damage and high-cycle fatigue.

We can’t change the laws of physics, but we can slow down the effects of vibration, temperature, friction and other factors that try to assault your metal components.

Laser Peening Systems can extend the fatigue life of parts by more than 20 times the expectations for untreated parts.

To obtain those results, we collaborate closely with our customers in a process encompassing precision modeling, precision targeting, and precision execution of a laser peening strategy to extend fatigue life.

FEA modeling can play a key role in the process, matching a precise understanding of customer components with the benefits of laser peening technology.

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ZAL Grand Opening for Research With Procudo® Laser Peening System

ZAL Grand Opening ceremony dignataries

LSP Technologies CEO Jeff Dulaney congratulates Roland Gerhards, CEO of ZAL, while LSPT VP Business Development David Lahrman (left) and Hamburg First Mayor Peter Tschentscher (right) applaud.

Research employs Procudo® Laser Peening System

Hamburg, Germany – October 10, 2018 — The ZAL Center of Aeronautical Research in Hamburg hosted public officials, university researchers, and corporate partners, including LSP Technologies, Inc. for a Grand Opening of the Laser Peening commercial research and development cells today.

The ZAL Center employs the Procudo® Laser Peening System developed by LSP Technologies and delivered in 2017, the first and only commercially available laser peening system. Under a collaborative agreement, ZAL, LSP Technologies and Airbus will share time on the laser peening equipment, offering many opportunities for new projects and customer applications.

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