Laser Shock Peening: A Metal Fatigue Solution for All Metals and Alloys

Precision Component Enhancement

Laser Shock Peening (LSP) is a universal metal fatigue solution for enhancing all metals and alloys. LSP generates powerful shock waves that produce a tailored field of deep compressive residual stress. This robust compressive layer inhibits cracking beneath the surface, extending component lifetimes 10X or more.

Graphs showing 10X life increase for laser peened titanium

Laser peening is a precise, strategic enhancement process that is customized for each unique component. Laser peening is applied to select locations on the part surface to impede cracking and improve fatigue performance.

Drawings of metal components with laser peening spot patterns for fatigue improvement

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Laser Peening Component Enhancement Services

Every day at LSP Technologies we’re working to make your parts stronger.

Close up of polished gears inside an engineOur Production Laser Peening process is a proven metal fatigue solution to prevent component cracking and failure.

What is Production Laser Peening?

We’ve developed a service-based metal improvement model, providing contract component enhancement for manufacturers large and small.

Send us your problem parts, your critical parts, your greatest material challenges…

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