High-Energy Laser Solutions at DMC 2017

Defense Manufacturing Conference logo, December 4-7, 2017, Tampa, FloridaLSP Technologies has pioneered several innovative material processing solutions for the defense manufacturing industry, including Laser Shock Peening for metal fatigue enhancement, and Laser Bond Inspection for nondestructive bond strength evaluation.

LSP Technologies, Inc. (LSPT) will be attending the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) from December 4-6 in Tampa, Florida. LSPT Vice President David Lahrman and Director of Sales Doug Eberhart will host industry professionals at booth 806 on the DMC exhibit hall floor.

“The Defense Manufacturing Conference is a great forum for LSPT to showcase our innovative products and services for the defense industry,” said David Lahrman, VP of Business Development for LSP Technologies. “We’ve been regular attendees for years, and we look forward to sharing recent advances in our Laser Shock Peening and Laser Bond Inspection technologies at DMC 2017.” Doug Eberhart welcomes visitors with questions about LSPT’s new high-throughput Procudo® Laser Peening System and increased production processing capacity.

LSP Technologies will be operating booth 806 near the exhibit hall entrance. If you are interested in arranging a private meeting to discuss Laser Peening Production Processing, Laser Peening Equipment, or Laser Bond Inspection, please contact David or Doug through LSPT’s website.

Laser Shock Peening (LSP) is a powerful metal enhancement method proven to extend component service lifetimes as much as 20X. Laser Peening utilizes a high-energy pulsed laser to generate compressive residual stresses up to 12 mm beneath a part surface, providing superior protection against metal fatigue cracking and failure.

Laser Peen Forming is a powerful method of shaping metal components by tailoring applied residual stress enhancement to produce compound curvatures and complex geometries. Laser peen forming can shape parts to specific configurations while enhancing material resistance to corrosion, cracking, and fatigue.

Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) is a nondestructive method for evaluating adhesive bond strength using a laser-generated stress wave. The LBI method can determine localized bond strength in bonded composite structures, and identify weak, substandard, or even kissing bonds.

LSP Technologies is a leading provider of high-energy pulsed laser material processing solutions including Laser Shock Peening services and equipment. The company processes thousands of parts annually for clients in the aviation, power generation, automotive, tooling, and manufacturing industries, enhancing metal fatigue strength and damage tolerance of critical components.

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Laser Peening Live Webinar with Panel of Experts

Gas turbine compressor bladesLSP Technologies is teaming up with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) to present a special webinar:

Laser Peening Surface Enhancement to Prevent Metal Cracking and Failure

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 9:00 AM EST

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This special event features a panel of experts from LSPT and ZAL discussing cutting-edge aerospace research. The focus will be on Laser Shock Peening applications at the state-of-the-art ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg.

Topics will include:

  • An overview of Laser Shock Peening: how it works, the material benefits and industry applications.
  • Advances in Laser Peening equipment and technology that have increased throughput and process control for high-volume production processing.
  • The next generation of Laser Peening applications, highlighted by advanced development at the ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Live Q&A with experts from LSPT and ZAL.

The event will last approximately one hour.

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Laser Shock Peening: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Illustration of industrial/business symbols and question marksLaser Shock Peening (LSP) is the world’s most powerful metal enhancement method. Laser Peening replaces and improves upon shot peening by using laser-generated plasma bursts to produce deep compressive residual stresses for component life extension. LSP is a high-tech, innovative surface treatment that has already saved millions of dollars and untold lives through its application on critical turbine engine components.

If you’re not yet familiar with the basics of Laser Peening, here’s a quick rundown of the Who, What, When, Where and Why of this revolutionary process. Continue reading

Laser Peening Precision Metal Forming Cover Story

Logo for Industrial Heating, red and black block lettersLSP Technologies is featured in the current issue of Industrial Heating, a monthly technical journal covering thermal technologies and other high-energy industrial applications. The November 2017 Cover Feature is titled, “Laser Peening Metal Enhancement Critical for Component Lifetime“.

B-1 Bomber on the tarmac with clouds behind

The article covers LSP Technologies’ powerful Laser Peening metal fatigue enhancement method, and unveils current efforts to transition the technology into the maritime industry as a precision forming application.

From the article:

The Navy and NSRP shipyards and maintenance facilities are gaining interest in this successful transition of laser peening into their field. They anticipate return on investment (ROI) similar to what has been realized over the last decade in aerospace as a result of the decrease in total life-cycle cost and improved design quality.

LSP Technologies is excited to be featured as a cover story and confident about the future of Laser Peen Forming as a cost-saving shipbuilding application. Click here to read the full article.

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