Laser Peening Lights Up Hamburg in Advanced Manufacturing Magazine Profile

Nighttime shot of ZAL TechCenter facility exteriorLSP Technologies is featured in The Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Yearbook as the company prepares to install Europe’s first high-volume commercial laser peening system.

The SME publication highlights major market trends, processes, and technologies driving success in the aerospace and defense manufacturing markets. The cover story of the 2017 Annual Yearbook features the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Hamburg, Germany.

ZAL is a state-of-the-art aerospace research facility where emerging technologies are matured towards commercial production applications. LSPT is installing a Procudo® Laser Peening System at the ZAL TechCenter to advance research on the fatigue enhancement applications of laser shock peening. The system also offers European manufacturers newfound accessibility to perform laser peening research and development on high-energy production laser peening equipment. Continue reading

LSP Technologies Migrates to Secure Website Domain

Metal padlock with engraved word "SECURE"LSP Technologies makes components safer by performing laser peening production processing for major OEMs. We have now made our visitors’ online experience safer by enhancing LSPT website security with SSL encryption.

We are proud to announce that our web domain, is now fully secured through an HTTPS protocol. This move ensures that all data exchanged through the site is encrypted and protected from unauthorized third-party access. Continue reading

Engine Explodes During Overseas Flight with 520 on Board

Aircraft wing with damaged engine viewed during flight from plane window

Image of the damaged engine posted to twitter by Jacob Soboroff (@jacobsoboroff)

“Uncontained engine failure” forces emergency landing of Airbus A380 – the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

A large turbofan engine exploded during an Air France flight over the weekend. The incident occurred Saturday, September 30th as an Airbus A380 flying from Paris to Los Angeles cruised over Greenland at 38,000 feet. Passengers described a loud bang, followed by a brief lurching of the aircraft and several minutes of intense vibration. The hobbled aircraft flew for about an hour before making an emergency landing at Goose Bay Airport in eastern Canada.

“It was like the plane hit a Jeep at 35,000 feet,” explained passenger Pamela Adams in an interview with the Associated Press. Another passenger, John Birkhead told the New York Times, “We were just stretching and talking, and suddenly there was an enormous bang and the whole plane shook.”

The below video from NBC News shows the aircraft landing at Goose Bay with one severely disabled engine. Continue reading