Safety Improvements in Aerospace

Laser peening improves fatigue properties, improves damage tolerance, cuts maintenance time and costs… and the list goes on.  In that long list, laser peening, most importantly, improves safety.  Lives are safer when planes don’t suffer midair failures from fatigue and cracking.

While we focus a lot on the engineering benefits of laser peening, we also celebrate the safety improvement results of laser peening.

We would like to celebrate the work of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and its work toward improving safety.

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New Procudo® LSP System Article is Here!

You are now able to read an article describing the new Procudo® 200 LSP System, that laser peens at a rate of 20 Hz, making it the fastest commercial laser peening equipment sold.  Jeff Dulaney, CEO, details the design and system advantages of the Procudo® System.

You can read the abstract below.  CLICK HERE for the entire article.

Watch our newest YouTube video showing the variation in repetition rates of the Procudo® 200 LSP System

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