Brad Dunnington as LSPT Interim President

LSPT hired Brad Dunnington as Interim President to help manage company growth from the Procudo™ laser peening system equipment sales.

Brad has held leadership roles in Fortune 100 firms, rapid growth mid-size firms and small start-up ventures.  He led GE’s Automotive Lighting Business; guided the development of the Limited Brand’s first Data Warehouse and Executive Information System for Victoria’s Secret; and has led businesses in software, media, publishing, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and construction.  Brad is a member of the Ohio TechAngel Fund and he serves on the Boards of numerous High Tech Manufacturing firms.

Brad has been with LSPT on the Advisory Board for many years now.  As he learns more about the company and market, he is excited to help LSPT expand as the market expands with us.

brad Dunnington President

Interim President

Procudo™ 200 System is now Reality

The Procudo™ Laser Peening System is a diode pumped pulsed YLF laser that operates in the infrared at a wavelength of 1053 nm.  The laser is capable of a repetition rate of 20 Hz and is able to emit a 10-20 ns pulse containing 10 Joules of energy.  The 200 Watt average power is the highest power pulsed laser available for laser peening.  At this power, a part can be laser peened at a rate of 7 square inches per minute.  The compact and modular design of the Procudo™ Laser Peening System enables laser peening technology to be quickly and easily inserted into a customer’s facility.

The laser employs a seeded Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration to obtain a near field flat top beam profile.  Ultra-long life quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) pump diodes allow the laser to operate for many billions of shots, before needing replacement.  The system was designed to provide 24 hour operation with minimal technical intervention and maintenance cost.  The Procudo System can be integrated with a wide variety of automated part-handling robots and accessories to create a turn-key laser peening facility that enables laser peening of parts of nearly any size and shape.  LSPT’s custom control system and diagnostics package based on our 20 years of laser peening experience allows the user full control over the system with real-time data analysis and feedback.

The Procudo laser system enables the production of deep residual compressive stresses that increase the fatigue life and strength of metallic components. Laser peening enables a designer the ability to locate deep, beneficial compressive residual stress into fatigue plague areas of components to reduce crack initiation and growth.

For more information about the Procudo™ Laser Peening System, please click here.

Procudo™ 200