SBIR Phase I to LSP Technologies, Inc.

SBIR Phase I:  LSPT has been selected for the award of a Navy SBIR program to bring portable laser peening systems to Navy watercraft.  While the contract is in negotiations, LSPT is hopeful to develop a NEW Procudo™ Portable Laser Peening System to add to our advanced line of laser peening laser systems.

This SBIR Phase I contract seeks a methodology to address crack initiation and growth in in-service repairs of sensitized and cracked aluminum hulled watercraft.

LSPT’s goal is to modify the stress conditions of cracked structures on Navy watercraft by imparting compressive residual stresses from the laser peening process using a portable system.  Laser peening would be applied in an area around the existing crack tips and potentially at other critical locations along the crack length.  Crack tips, regardless of whether they are initiated by fatigue loading or stress corrosion cracking, are not prone to propagation when subjected to compressive stresses generated from laser peening, addressing the root problem of current repair methodologies: the stress state leading to crack formation and growth and the related loss of water-tightness.

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