Laser Peening Application Review







Intake and Exhaust Systems – Valves, Springs, Turbo/Superchargers

Common material(s):

Cast iron

Spring Steel

Titanium alloys

Stainless steel

Nickel based alloys

Common failure(s):

Valves (Thermal fatigue, bending fatigue)

Springs (fatigue)

Turbochargers/Superchargers (Fatigue, FOD)

The costs of failure:

When looking at the cost of a component failure, there are many aspects that need to be examined in addition to just the part costs themselves.  Some of the actual costs are quantifiable, while others are inherently not.  Due to the many different applications of engine components, it is very difficult to quantify the cost of a failure for a broad application, but here are a few items to consider:

  • Cost of replacement part ($)
  • Cost of labor to replace part ($)
  • Lost time due to replacement part ($)
  • Reputation damage (UNK)
  • Future sales (UNK)
  • Property/Life loss risk (UNK )

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Laser Peening Airfoils with Weld Repairs

LSP Technologies (LSPT) gained a patent in 1999 during a time that the aerospace industry was experiencing patterns in damages in aircraft gas turbine engine airfoils: Method using laser shock peening to process airfoil weld repairs pertaining to blade cut and weld techniques.  It is “A method… for repairing damage to an airfoil… [that] provides for the removal of a section of the airfoil….  A replacement piece larger than the residual void is provided….  A joining operation welds or otherwise joins the replacement piece to the airfoil at the cut-away surface… [and] a portion of the seam is processed by laser shock peening to induce compressive residual stresses therein.” Continue reading