LSP Technologies Awarded Laser Bond Inspection Improvements Contract

LSP Technologies’ proudly announces it has won a Task Order subcontracting award with Universal Technology Corporation (UTC) of Dayton, Ohio. UTC is the prime for the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Manufacturing Technology Division (AFRL/RXM) contract for “Mobil Systems for Aircraft Structures”.

This Task Order program supports LSP Technologies’ Laser Bond Inspection System for the inspection of bonded structures used in Aircraft structures. The objective of this MATES II T.O. program is to secure CDRH for the laser system and to develop additional capabilities for detecting defects in the bond line of bonded structures. The Laser Bond Inspection system will receive some improvements to ease customization for customers and make other updates and improvements. LSP Technologies will also conduct research under the contract to support the system growth.

Laser bond inspection technology (LBI) tests and verifies the strength of adhesively bonded joints used in composite structures within assemblies such as aircraft.  It is an inspection process that further assures the safety and reliability of those bonded structures. LBI technology is also being adapted for use with other bonded structures, including, for example, metals and ceramics, and metal to metal. It is an honor to be working with UTC on this important aspect for bridging the gap between military manufacturing needs and industry capabilities. For more information on LSP Technologies’ Laser Bond Inspection system and its capabilities, visit, or for more information about Universal Technology Corporation (UTC), visit