Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About LBI

What is Laser Bond Inspection?

Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) is a new nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technology for testing the integrity of bonded materials and structures. The technology utilizes an advanced, high energy, pulsed laser system developed by LSP Technologies and specifically tailored for evaluating adhesively-bonded composite structures.

Why not use conventional NDE techniques such as ultrasonic inspection or radiography?

Conventional NDE techniques are useful when a gap, crack, or void is present in a bonded material. However, these techniques cannot identify problems, such as “kissing bonds” where the bonded materials are in contact but without structural strength. These problems can result from surface contamination, improperly mixed or outdated adhesives, or improper adhesive application techniques.

How does Laser Bond Inspection work?

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Pilger Dies – New Applications for Laser Peening

Exciting new applications continue to be found for LSP Technologies‘ LaserPeen® process! Pilger dies are used in the manufacture of high quality tubing for aerospace and nuclear applications. Pilgering is a cold forming process in which tubes are reduced in cross section by a combination of wall thinning and diameter reduction. Pilger die life is a major factor in the economics of the pilgering process.

Laser peening has been used to increase the life of pilger dies made of A2 tool steel by imparting compressive residual stresses to failure-prone areas of the dies.  Deep, high-magnitude compressive residual stresses were generated by LSP Technologies’ Laser Peening process, and the treated dies showed a significant increase in service life.

Click on the link below to download an article on laser peening of pilger dies.

Laser Peening of Pilger Dies

Fatigue Testing & Applications Development Engineer

Fatigue Testing/Applications Development Engineer

Job Description:

LSP Technologies, Inc. is a leader in developing advanced processes and systems that use high energy laser systems and laser peening technology to improve the fatigue performance of aerospace parts. We are seeking an experienced materials testing engineer with specific experience in fatigue testing.  Three years minimum experience required.

Education Level: B.S. or higher. Engineering Degree: Metallurgical/Materials or Engineering Mechanics

Required skills:

  • Engineering experience related to structural materials and material behavior under fatigue loading,
  • Computer skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, as a minimum,
  • Strong hands-on ability to set up, test, operate, and maintain fatigue testing equipment and use data acquisition instrumentation,
  • Strong verbal, written, and presentation communication skills, and
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to interface with customers.

Required qualifications:

  • An engineering degree in metallurgical/materials or engineering mechanics is required,
  • Work experience with mechanical/fatigue testing equipment and related instrumentation is required, and
  • U.S. Citizenship or legal permanent resident status; must be able to qualify for U.S. Department of Defense security clearance.

Desired qualifications:

  • Project management experience,
  • Experience using ANSYS finite element modeling software,
  • Experience developing fatigue performance prediction methodologies.

Duties include:

  • Engineering work in LSPT’s fatigue testing lab including set up, strain gaging, and operation of test equipment related to fatigue testing of coupons and parts,
  • Training of others to perform routine fatigue testing operations,
  • Use of data acquisition systems, finite element modeling, and fatigue analysis software,
  • Lead project management efforts involving application development efforts for laser peening of customers’ parts, and
  • Assist with business development efforts related to laser peening and fatigue testing.


Compensation will be based on qualifications and experience.  A benefits package including medical insurance and 401k profit-sharing plan will be provided. Reasonable relocation expenses will be reimbursed.

Qualified Applicants, Please Contact:

Mr. Richard D. Tenaglia, Development Manager,