LSPT Wins Two Awards at the Defense Manucaturing Conference

LSP Technologies, Inc won an unprecedented double award at the 2003 Defense Manufacturing Conference.  LSPT received both the Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award and the Excellence Award for its work on ManTech’s Laser Shock Peening Initiative.  Pictured from left to right are: David F Lahrman (LSPT), David W See (USAF), Walter Roy (US Army), Allan H Clauer (LSPT), Jeff L Dulaney (LSPT), Paul Sampson (Consultant), Richard D Tenaglia (LSPT), and Tim Swigart (USAF).  Critical team members that are not pictured: Otha B Davenport (USAF), Steven E Dykes (LSPT), Mark E O’Loughlin (LSPT), Rob Faber (Pratt & Whitney), Todd Rochstroh (GE Aviation), David W Sokol (LSPT), and Steven M Toller (LSPT).