11th International Conference on Shot Peening

South Bend, Indiana

September 12-15, 2011
Booth #111

LSP Technologies happily returns to the the International Conference on Shot Peening in 2011.  David Lahrman and Steve Dykes will be attending the conference and will be available to discuss and explain the laser peening process.  Stop by and visit with them in our booth (#111).  We hope you will stop to learn more about laser peening and how it can improve the fatigue properties of the parts you manufacture or maintain.

The excerpt below from the 11th International Conference on Shot Peening website highlights shot peening alternative or supplemental processes.

“Related mechanical surface treatments, such as deep rolling, laser peening, ultrasonic peening, combined processes and other cold work processes including compressive surface residual stresses, are within the scope of the conference, especially when compared to shot peening.”  To read more, visit the conference website:


The conference is hosted by Electronics, Inc. and The Shot Peener Magazine.  You can also visit the conference host’s websites for more information about them:



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