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Enhance Critical Components

- Improve part performance
- Extend service lifetimes
- Prevent cracking and failure
- Reduce maintenance costs
- Engineer stronger products

Discover The Benefits

Surpass Shot Peening

Laser peening produces compressive residual stresses ten times deeper than shot peening, providing superior fatigue and cracking resistance to solve problems that shot peening can't.

A More Powerful Solution

Production Equipment

The Procudo® Laser Peening System is engineered for high-volume production processing. We put 20 years of experience into this state-of-the-art equipment to bring laser peening to the factory floor. LSPT operates a Procudo® System to meet our customers' production demands, and you can purchase your own system to enhance the value of your critical parts.

Laser Peening Equipment

Superior Metal Enhancement

Laser peening prevents fatigue cracking and arrests most types of metal failure, extending component service lifetimes 10X or more.

Laser Peening Benefits

  • Significant increases in metal part strength, fatigue resistance, and service lifetime
  • Reduce replacement costs, inspections, maintenance, and down-time
  • Upgrade current parts without a redesign
  • Beneficial compressive residual stresses 10 times deeper than shot peening
  • Increase the value and reliability of nearly any metallic component

Procudo® 200 Laser Peening System

The world's first commercial laser peening system brings powerful metal surface enhancement to your production environment.

Procudo® 200 LSP System Features

  • 200 Watt Diode-pumped laser
  • Variable pulse options for custom process control
  • Real-time data collection and feedback
  • 20 Hz processing for high throughput
  • Engineered for rapid integration into manufacturing facilities

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