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Superior Enhancement

LSP Technologies delivers powerful metal enhancement solutions. Add value to your parts with our patented production process.

Production Laser Peening

Return on Investment

- Extend Component Lifetimes
- Prevent Costly Failures
- Reduce Maintenance and Downtime

Save Money With Laser Peening

Production Equipment

- Rapid 20Hz Processing
- Stable Beam Output
- Flexible Processing Parameters

Laser Peening Equipment

Discover Superior Metal Enhancement With LSP Technologies, Inc.

Production Laser Peening Adds Strength and Value to Critical Parts

  • Laser peening prevents fatigue cracking and arrests most types of metal failure, extending component service lifetimes 10X or more.
  • LSP Technologies delivers high-throughput component enhancement with a commitment to quality and service.
  • Our state-of-the-art production equipment is the world's most powerful fatigue enhancement technology.
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LSPT is the world's premiere provider of laser peening services, technology, and equipment.
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