Laser Bond Inspection Equipment

Industry Leading Bond Inspection

Laser Bond Inspection is one of the only processes capable of non-destructively evaluating bond strength in a structure. Our industry leading equipment is designed to quickly and efficiently determine whether structures have been adequately bonded. Contact us for more information on our LBI process.

Guaranteeing Quality and Safety

Many variables are present during the manufacutre of bonded assemblies, and any one of those variables could be devastating for a critical bond joint. The LBI process is used to ensure bonded products are up to design standards and safe for use.

Mobile Laser Bond Inspection Systems

The mobile line of LSP Technologies' Laser Bond Inspection systems is designed for maneuverability around an aircraft hangar or other shop floor space. This mobility allows inspections of bonded structures where needed by bringing the equipment to the product. The system can also be removed from the trailer design for permanent installation.

LBI Features:

  • Eye safe process
  • Articulating arm laser beam delivery with a 5.7 to 10 ft. reach
  • Amplifier lamps are replaceable without need of realignment
  • Cart mounted construction for jobsite movement
  • Safety features to protect the operator during inspections
  • Easy operator controls
  • EMAT sensor
  • Test result screen display

Potential LBI testing applications include:

  • Composite structures
  • Scarf repairs
  • Boron patch repairs
  • Wind turbine blades
  • Heat resistant coating Adhesion
  • Metal-to-metal
  • Metal-to-composite
  • Composite-to-composite

  1. Laser System - Nd glass
    • Pulse Energy: 10 - 50 J
    • Wavelength: 1054 nm
    • Laser Output Pulse Width: 100 - 300 ns FWHM
    • Pulse Rate: 1/8 Hz
    • Laser warm up time: ~ 20 minutes
    • ANSI Z136.1 and IEC 60825-1 compliant safety system

  2. Laser System Utility Connections
    • Supply: 208Y120 3Phase, 60HZ, 42A
    • Safety disconnect (Power cord provided with machine: 2AWG 5Wire, 20ft flex Type SO)
    • Purge Air: 80-90 psig Connection: 3/8"NPT
    • Coolant for Air Cooled Chiller System: De-ionized water: 5-6 gallons required for initial fill of closed loop chiller cooling system

  3. Inspection Process Head Utility Connections
    • Process air (for process): 80-90 psig Connection: 1/2"NPT
    • Process water (de-ionized preferred): 50-100 psig Connection: 1/2NPT

  4. Facility Environmental Requirements
    • Ambient Storage Temperature: 35F to 130F
    • Ambient Operating Temperature: 60F to 90F
    • Ambient Humidity (to operate at facility): up to 90 % RH, non-condensing

  5. Transportation and Work Site Requirements
    • Tow connection: Standard Loop-Type Towing Tongue
      • Floor surface conditions:
      • Designed for flat standard factory / aircraft hanger concrete flooring capable of supporting 2500 psi minimum
      • Ramps (due to ground clearance): 1% slope total
      • Grade: .5% Grade max.

  6. Physical Dimensions
    • Overall operational dimensions: W x H x L (in) = 64.5" x 120" x 165"
    • Overall job site transport dimensions: W x H x L (in) = 64.5" x 78" x 192" (Tongue extended)
    • Overall dimensions without trailer: W x H x L (in) = 64" x 68.3" x 89.4"
    • Unit weight with trailer: 9000 lbs.
    • Unit weight without trailer: 6500 lbs.

  7. Warranty
    • One year limited warranty on electrical and mechanical components
    • 90 day limited warranty on optical components

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